A psychological experiment

I’m going to teach you something about the power of suggestion now.  This is basically how hypnotism works, if you’re open to suggestion a hypnotist can have a considerable influence on your behaviour.  However, one doesn’t have to be a professional hypnotist to see this in action.

Have you ever noticed how if someone yawns in front of you it often makes you want to yawn as well?  This is a mild form of hypnotism even if it isn’t intentional.  Now, I’ve brought that example up intentionally and even thinking about yawning may be a powerful enough suggestion to make you yawn yourself.

But that isn’t evil enough for me.  I’m going to unleash one of the most powerful forms of suggestion.  Very few people can resist this one: have you ever noticed if someone mentions headlice you have an almost uncontrollable urge to start scratching your head? When you have kids you’re often on the lookout for headlice – if one kid at school gets them then all the kids end up with them.

No matter how many people tell you that headlice aren’t a sign of being dirty you can’t help thinking they’re gross.  Oh, and as soon as someone mentions headlice, most people can’t help scratching their heads.  How are you going with that?  Trying to avoid that maddening itch on your scalp because you know there’s nothing there?

Of course, the reason I bring this up is someone just mentioned headlice to me and now I can’t stop scratching my fucking head.  And damned if I’m suffering alone.



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17 responses to “A psychological experiment

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  2. Damn you Mr. Angry! I’m determined not to scratch but it’s getting really bloody annoying now.

  3. must…not…scratch….must…resist…urge…to… scratch……must…not….AUUUUGGGGHHHH… (scratch..scratch..scratch….scratch….) ahhhh…much better. 🙂

    A good scritching does a body good!

    Unless, of course, it’s followed by yiffing and then it’s just creepy. (yiffing and scritching – have YOU seen that CSI episode??) heh..heh.heh…..

  4. Massif: I know it’s evil but I wasn’t going to suffer alone

    cinnkitty: I know nothing of furry behaviour. Honest. Anything you’ve heard to the contrary are scurrilous rumours!

  5. Yawning AND scratching despite putting a bag on my head and binding my hands together…
    Sounds compromising doesn’t it?!

  6. Lynelle Bryant - USE Ministry Leader

    Your post doesn’t make a bit of sense. Whay are you so mad?

  7. tuttysan

    Thanks a lot! Now my scalp itches like crazy 😛

  8. Simonne: sounds disturbingly like Saturday night to me!

    Lynelle: if you don’t understand anger, you aren’t paying attention

    tuttysan: I am truly evil

  9. Mentioning tinea has the same effect, I’ve noticed. Place yourself in a position that you can watch someones feet, and drag up a story about “there was this time I was staying at a hotel, and got the worst bout of tinea I’ve ever seen! I couldn’t walk for fifty metres without stopping to scratch between my toes, or wiggle my feet in my shoes”. And check the response….

    And then theres herpes…..

  10. Oh mate, I can’t believe you went there with herpes!

  11. Prabha Govind

    Ayyy…so true!

  12. Darn it Gruntski! The doctor told you to keep taking the pills he gave you and the burning sensation would reside. Why don’t you ever listen to your medical provider? (sigh…) ;P

  13. err…that would be “subside”…yeah..that’s the ticket. ha..ha.ha!

  14. bellevelma

    The dreaded head lice made an appearance at my son’s preschool recently and his dearest friend was sent home with a head full of it. I was itchy for days despite the fact that my son hadn’t actually brought any home with him. I’m itching again just saying that.

  15. Prabha: everything I say is true!

    cinnkitty: In Gruntski’s case, “reside” is probably right 😉

    belle: it’s a strange power that headlice have.

  16. I resemble that remark!!!

  17. If it makes you feel just a little better, head lice prefer clean hair!

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