A secret message for long-time readers

I’ve been thinking about something this past week since hitting my brief moment of internet stardom.  This is only of relevance to my really long term readers so if this isn’t you, stop reading now.


This is a secret that I’m only letting long term readers in on.  If you’re a recent reader you won’t even be affected by this secret so don’t worry about it.  “Recent” would be if you only started reading in the last week but this is probably relevant if you’ve been reading for about three months or less.  Stop reading now if this is you.  Go read another post.

I mean it.  Don’t make me fuck you up.  You will only have to have read a couple of posts to know I’ll do it.  So for your own sake, only keep reading if you’re a long term reader.

OK, so here’s the secret: I’m going to start recycling posts.  I’ll still be writing new material (most of the time, in fact) but there is so much good stuff that I’ve written over the past 15 months that only a tiny number of people have seen, it seems a waste to let it rot.  Now that my genius has been more widely appreciated, I can share some of these hidden gems.

So maybe a couple of times a week I will be republishing something that might seem vaguely familiar.  I imagine in most cases there will be at least some re-writing involved so it won’t simply be carbon copies of previous material.  Maybe you even have a favourite of your own from the past that you think deserves a wider audience.  If that’s the case, let me know.  In any case, as time goes by you may get a feeling of deja-vu when reading this blog that isn’t totally unfounded.

Or you might be crazy.  It’s so hard to be sure sometimes.



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10 responses to “A secret message for long-time readers

  1. Prabha Govind

    Emmmm…good idea dude!

  2. Recycling posts Mr. Angry??..sigh.. I feel so….so…. *dirty*! How will I ever look you in the angry eyes again? 🙂

  3. Prabha: all my ideas are good 😉

    cinnkitty: I love making my readers feel dirty.

  4. i am a new reader (kinkyWoman made me do it)

    i read this post

    you are now honor bound to do me harm


    honestly, i’ve been directed to your blog many times by avid fans, and then i click over and your header just scares the sh*t out of me and i run away.

    yesterday i went ahead and read the diet pill post and then went diving for more hilarity

    awesome site

    one of the things i’ve done on my own blog is put a prominent button at the top of my sidebar that brings up random posts from my blog (your url/?random creates the effect)

    judging by the number of old posts that end up on my popular list people seem to enjoy playing with it.

  5. Beautiful!

    Deja-vu can be a fabulous feeling at times. With you, it will more than likely turn up feelings of vengence and anger 😉

  6. Mitchell

    You should re-publish the Myth of Project Management.
    That’s the one that hooked me into reading this site.

  7. pault107

    Nice idea Mr Angry, I’ve been reading/watching your stuff for quite some time now – there are some real gems in your library that deserve to be seen by a wider audience.

  8. Salamaat,
    You should recycle….all those new readers should have a taste of old-time-mr-angry.

    Wohoo, i am part of the elite original angry-crew 🙂

  9. Branhamin: I promise not to harm you. Engtech developed a little widget to link to random posts… I considered using it but that would involve, you know, coding.

    Jessica: cathartic deja vu 🙂

    Mitchell: Thanks for the suggestion

    Paul: glad you agree, see if you can pick them when they appear

    Maliha: Salamaat, you’re part of the real elite, very few people have been reading longer than you.

  10. tom

    good idea. i’ve been tempted to do the same at times. nobody’s gonna dig through any archives for anything – and to paraphrase clarence thomas, “if it was good then, it’s good now”

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