7/7/7 – a big day in New York

For normal humans who don’t give a shit about what happens on YouTube, the fact that there was a big get-together organised for 07/07/07 (today as I’m writing this) would not be interesting.  I hadn’t been paying much attention to it because I couldn’t go and also because so many people were acting like dicks about it.

But just yesterday I received a surprising message relating to the gathering, as I relate in this video:

When I made this video I was actually on the wrong track regarding why my name would be falsely listed on the YouTube meetup website as an attendee.  I was following the slightly weird idea that someone might be planning to impersonate me.  I’ve since received a few more messages that spell out the real reason.  It’s more boring.

And more pathetic.

I’ve been informed by several people that a significant number of listed “attendees” never had any intention of going and had never given the slightest indication that they would be there.  The conclusion being drawn is that the people running the website were (shock, horror) lying about who was attending to try and convince more people to attend.

Pretty fucked up really.

Anyway, I hope it goes well and people enjoy themselves.  Whatever happens is likely to have an impact on a meetup in Australia that had been nominally planned for November.  This is one I am planning on attending.  And that will be a whole different dramafest.



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3 responses to “7/7/7 – a big day in New York

  1. well,that was something really fu..ed up as u say

  2. 7-7-07 was a good day for my family…my granddaughters 15th birthday!

  3. arvind: stupid people!

    Sandra: an awesome day!

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