The greatest day of my life

What was the greatest day of your life?

That’s a question that gets thrown around a lot, particularly in movies.  It’s often used as a device to show you some “inner truth” about a character.  Once you know what the greatest day of their life is, you discover their true self.

I have to admit, that isn’t how I view my life.  I’ve had lots of good days and intend to have many more.  But I don’t see any one day as being the greatest, I have trouble even thinking that way.  With that in mind I did this video featuring the “old man” character from my play “This Is The Sea”.

This is one of the things I do for a change of pace, to stop myself from getting too bored.  With any luck, my audience likes the change of pace too.  I posted a first piece with this character last month (it’s here in case you missed it and feel like catching up).  Here’s the latest:

So how about you?  What do you think of the idea?  Is there a day that you can point to that is the greatest day of your life?



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7 responses to “The greatest day of my life

  1. well,i am still waiting for that day 🙂
    hope to write a post abt that soon

  2. arvind: I like that positive outlook, you’ll be able to post soon!

  3. thats all i needed ,motivation!!!
    so keep checking my blog 🙂

  4. DOA

    Oh I know what the greatest day of my life was… it was the day I finished my obligatory army term.
    Say what you want about the army, it has one very good side. No matter how bad your life gets afterwards, you know it can never get as bad as the army 🙂

  5. My wedding day was pretty cool. But generally my life’s been made up of moments, not complete days.

    To which end the greatest moment was not completely wiping out while skiing at great speed. That was a hell of a moment. Other good moments include driving home from my first proper job interview on a sunny day, in my parents borrowed car with the windows down and my sunglasses on. Through winding country roads, amongst beautiful rolling countryside.

    Anyway, I was right with you, and enjoying that video, up until the point at which you said “I met you”. Way to smash headlong into the fourth wall (you didn’t quite convince me enough to have “broken” said wall).

  6. Robert

    For the question there is several different groups of people that will answer it differently. You got the goal orientated people, free going people and then you got my kind of people. The person who is the one that sets out major goals and hopes and achieves is going to say something like DOA (Don’t worry I am not saying anything bad about these people, I just can’t do this). Then you have the free going people, people with not long term or short term goals and their best day will most likely be something caused by what they’ll call is luck. Then you have the people like me. These people have goals, but no carrier goals.

    The first one I mentioned is the guy that gets a promotion or a new job that they been trying to get forever. When they finally get that position they feel as if it is their best day ever. They work hard and long for these goals too.

    Now you got the lucky people with the no goals. These people might find money on the street, win something big, or just be in the right spot at the right time. Like someone that goes to the casino and bets not smart and ends up winning big or the person that goes and buys a scratch of lotto ticket and wins several grand. To these people that might be their best day ever. So on and so on.

    Now as for people like me, people who want “love”. It hasn’t happened yet, but I know the greatest day of my life will be the birth of my first child. Ever since I was 15 all I ever wanted was to be a father. So I know as soon as I do it will be the single greatest day of my life. I know my wedding day will be up there too.

    As for the people that fall in between these categories… Well good for them for being so balanced in life. I have been writing for ever now so I will be going.

    *NOTE* I could of wrote more, but it is 9 in the morning here and I should sleep soon.

  7. arvind: glad I could provide some motivation 🙂

    DOA: It’s always good to have a reference source like that!

    Massif: the piece is actually from a play – he’s talking to someone there. The fact that it works (mostly) as a monologue to a video viewer is a bonus.

    Robert: that was a nice analysis. Feel free to add more when you’ve had some sleep.

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