Web 2.0 is a government plot!

I have come to the conclusion that this whole “Web 2.0”, user created content craze is a fiendish government plot.  We’ve learned about the Bush administration’s warrantless wiretapping.  We can see the UK turning into a surveillance state with what seems like more CCTV cameras than people.  All over the world, government are inflicting repressive measures on their people.

But I’ve uncovered the real plot.

Blogging, Flickr, Wikipedia, YouTube, MySpace and all the rest… they’re nothing but a global conspiracy to trick the populace into voluntarily giving up all their secrets.  And it works way better than kidnapping people off the streets and spiriting them off to another country where you can torture them.  The CIA does that for fun, not for information.

I’ve read articles that show how easy it would be to rob, stalk or kill someone based solely on information the victim makes public.  I’ve seen one of the highest profile people on YouTube give out so much identifying information that literally anybody could find his home address.  Sucks to be his family.  And there are no end of stories (some apocryphal) of children placing themselves in harm’s way via “social networking” sites.

And this is what people do without being deliberately tricked.  Just wait until someone who actually understands how technology works gets into power.  You want to know what jihadis are really up to?  Set up a series of blogs/MySpace accounts/YouTube accounts making inflammatory anti-Islam statements.  Make another set that are pro-jihad/anti-American.  Check the I.P addresses of viewers and commenters.  Find out what other sites the ones who seem particularly scary are involved in.

Hey presto!  No wire tapping, no crushing of civil liberties.  All you do is use the internet to let people out themselves.  People, generally, are stupid.  People act with very little thought for long term consequences.  This is why the death penalty doesn’t work as a deterrent.  It works if you want revenge but it doesn’t work as a deterrent.  Actually, in all honesty, I’d be very surprised if this isn’t happening already.

There have been several high profile instances of police busting pedophiles via the internet (including ones so badly managed that a huge number of people have probably been falsely accused.)  So the same sort of sting set up for political purposes is hardly a stretch.  It’s just that I have very little faith in the intelligence of the people running western governments.  Or maybe it’s more a case that they have very little faith in their citizens.  Hyperbole and fear-mongering seem to serve them well, so why should they waste too much time actually serving and protecting the populace in any meaningful way?

Every time people protest government incursions into their privacy the refrain “you have nothing to worry about if you’ve done nothing wrong” is heard.  I’m starting to think the younger generations are getting so used to the idea of making everything about themselves public, that mantra will be unnecessary.  When making every aspect of your life public is the norm (down to minute-to-minute Twittering) there will be no secrets.

It reminds me of the small town where I grew up.  Everybody knew everybody else’s business.  Strangers were viewed with suspicion because we didn’t know them intimately.  Anyone local who dared to keep secrets or stray outside accepted norms was looked upon darkly.  If they were lucky, being an outcast was the only repercussion.

Won’t it be fun when wanting to maintain some shred of privacy is the only excuse the government needs to arrest you?  And not laying every aspect of your life open online will raise all the suspicion necessary in the minds of a jury of your “peers” for a guaranteed conviction.



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20 responses to “Web 2.0 is a government plot!

  1. thats a good info…next time i blog ..i will try to be as concealed as possible 🙂

  2. “Just wait until someone who actually understands how technology works gets into power.”
    With President – ‘The’ Google – at the helm, I think we can rest easy on this one for the moment 😉

  3. well if someone wants to track me best they get out of the internet is going to find is a 14 year old picture if they are lucky and news article in finnish written by me. so they might figure out that im finnish but thats about it. basicly all the contact info they get from me is my 2 email addresses that they only can contact me. considering how little importance people put their digital security at the moment there are 2 or 3 people that have good comprehension of information technology and its intertwined problems to privacy in finnish parliament out of 200 people.

  4. peeps who don’t know me in the real world can look at my blog and know which suburb i live in, guess what i live walking distance from, and should be aware i am bi. apart from that, good luck.

  5. I’d like to see someone who didn’t know me track me down!

    On second thoughts, no I really wouldn’t like that, and seeing as there are photos of me, photos of the place I got married, and photos of my friends and family on t’Interwebs it wouldn’t be too hard to track me down.

    But still, I don’t mind people knowing what I’m up to, and what I look like. I would mind if people could find my criminal record online though.

    If you do find it though, let me know, I’d be interested to read it.

  6. Way to make me nauseous with fear!

  7. What you described is happening in Texas. Responses to a blog that, though they are published as ‘anonymous’, IP addresses are being subpenoed* for liable and fraud suits. People making accusations of illegal actions – calling the peoples names. Also fraudulent family medical leave is openly admitted. Sorry bout their luck.

  8. And people are telling me I am being paranoid… Guess what I found out yesterday: the 24h-video store just around the corner requires your finger print if you want to become a member. (Member 4 what?!) And just for your own safety… yeah, sure…

  9. Salamaat,
    I wish more kids would be counselled/supervised online. This whole reality tv like culture, where everyone wants to lay out their whole beings to the public is really disturbing.

    Sometimes I read blogs and wonder “why is she/he saying *all* that?”

    Yet it is a fine line…and we get pretty comfy in our little havens forgetting that the whole world could potentially be reading…or the CIA :p

  10. tokenhippygirl

    I just spilled my tea all over my keyboard, monitor stand, mouse, and possibly down into my computer. I’m sure now that I’ve done this, big brother will get squat outta me. Tea, our last and possibly only defense. Why do I say this? I say it because I was going to write all of the personal shit in response to your post, but I was so distracted by the spillage, I forgot what I was going to reveal. Lucky.

  11. jaime

    I just found your blog–I love it!

  12. Brilliant – the IP address scheme – unless of-course they know how to mask it.

    Hey Mr. Angry – how are ya! Thank you very much for still keeping me on your blog roll since I have been absent this year. But I am back as you can see from my IP address 🙂

    But seriously – thepoints you have made are starkingly and maddeningly true. In fact it makes one wonder why governements are not more capable crime catchers.

    always fantastic to read your blog! see you soon!


  13. Arvind: it’s a good idea

    Simonne: there’s too many “internets” for him to grasp effectively.

    Shadow: yeah, some people are digital ghosts (like you and me) and some are very open.

    Vetti: sounds like you’re not revealing too much

    Massif: seeing your criminal record is a bit like seeing your “permanent record” at school

    Sean: it’s what I do best

    Sandra: some nightclubs here say they have a right to take a scan of your driver’s license.

    Maliha: I think parents should take a WAY more active role with kids. It’s hard to find the right balance but the absolute ignorance of some parents is scary.

    Hippygirl: tea has always been our last, best defence

    Nazli: nice to see you again! 😀 There are certainly ways to mask you IP address and more people should probably do it. Too many people have no idea how exposed they are online.

  14. Vladimir

    It’s a conspiracy, of course, but there’s yet another half of it: not only people are going to be voluntarily spying on themselves, but also their behavior itself is to be engineered through all those “ratings” – why would anybody videotape some things they do if it doesn’t make them more popular? And then, why would they even do something that doesn’t make them more highly-rated by videotaping it? It’s gonna be all like that Orwell’s novell, but, luckily, more glamourous 🙂

  15. wow – there is another Sandra?

  16. you are kidding me, right? Copy your license?! Wow…

    And yes, there is a new Sandra since there was this diet pill thing, but to make it easier I can be “Senara” from now on, as I always use that name on internet. Also it’s safer for me 🙂

  17. Vlad: A glam 1984 – I love it!

    Sandra: I didn’t look closely, I thought it was you!

    Senara: Oh good, glad we got that worked out 🙂

  18. When the aliens invade (and oh yes they will) all they have to do is capture the Google severs and they will know everything about everyone on Earth – search patterns, lifestory, email – everything. Scary.

  19. At least that means they won’t have to suck our brains dry.

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