It’s official: YouTube hates ordinary users

Fuck YouTube.

I think I’ve said that before.  But the way YouTube ordinary users just makes me so fucking angry.  And they seem to be getting worse.  They don’t fix basic flaws, like the fact their commenting system is fucked.  They ignore the fact that all their measurement metrics (most viewed, highest rated, most comments) are routinely and blatantly scammed.  And they continue to offer almost no communication to users.

And don’t get me started on their choices for featured videos!  Actually, get me started.  Then you’ll see all my complaints are in fact driven by my ego.  Being featured is a guarantee of massive exposure.  And holy crap, they choose to feature some utter shit.  I may not make the greatest videos in the world but without exaggeration, mine are better than 80-90% of what gets featured.

It’s bad enough when they feature stupid fucking animal videos (not even good animal videos – most of them are boring.)  But they have a habit of featuring videos that are outright insults to the majority of users.  At least twice they’ve featured videos that did nothing but humiliate other users.  And the way they attacked others wasn’t even particularly funny.  And in the last week they’ve featured two high profile users (going by the names of LittleLoca and LisaNova) which is essentially a colossal “fuck you” to ordinary users.

First, they’re already high profile, they don’t need the fucking exposure.  Second, they’re both notorious for gaming the system, fraudulently boosting their viewing statistics and/or spamming other users.  And it was made worse by LizaNova’s video essentially being a wacky and crazy joke about how everyone’s pissed off at her for spamming.  It’s OK YouTube, we get the message.  You fucking hate us.

So you know what?  I’ve decided caring about this shit is a waste of time.  Tell us we’re worthless pieces of shit in your eyes, YouTube.  That’s fine.  You’re running a big business.  Why should you give a shit about us.  So I’ll just take what I can get.  The free hosting of videos is pretty good.  And you never know, I might still get “discovered” despite being ignored by YouTube for more than a year.

Besides, I’m having fun.  I’ve been asked many times over the last year by YouTube viewers if I’d give up if I didn’t get “famous”.  My answer’s always been no, I’ll quit when I stop having fun.  So fuck you YouTube.  You piss me and millions of others off and you couldn’t care less.  Fine by me.  I can enjoy myself despite your best/worst efforts.



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18 responses to “It’s official: YouTube hates ordinary users

  1. Join the dark-side, start using MSN’s soapbox!

    Do you really need YouTube? As I only watch your videos through your blog I don’t know how much satisfaction / ego massaging / traffic you get via youtube.

    I can’t even remember how I found this blog, but it certainly wasn’t through YouTube I can tell you that much.

  2. Jim

    I’ve seen more posts about you bitching about YouTube than anything else. Why do you care? If you don’t like it, then stop watching it.

  3. mikeelliott1

    There is no ryhme or reason for what gets featured on YouTube. Videos aren’t representative of anything: quality, subject matter, etc. It all seems to be completely random at times.

  4. i suppose it is a big and rather annoying problem that they dont bother to check up what “popular” people are doing to get their falsified views , comments etc. shown to us lower caste youtubers but unfortunately as its still the youtube keeps ignoring the basic concept of diversity personally if i wanted to see same pointless bullshit every time i went on youtube i would subscribe to those people that put out pointless bullshit. i think only way to give them some kind of “kick in the groin” to wake them up from the popularity slumber.

    jim: i think he cares about youtube even though it doesnt give a flying rats ass about him.

  5. How come every time I read a post here I have this overwhelming urge to buy you a drink laced with prozac?

    Great post, and definitely angry, which makes it even better.

  6. Massif: How many people use Soapbox? (not a dig – I’m completely ignorant) Also, it would have to be embeddable in WordPress to be worth my while. And don’t underestimate how desperate I am for ego massaging 😉 If I were to guess, you may have found me via Neopoleon.

    Jim: a reasonable point. However, my bitching comes from creating not watching. And if you look at my tags I’ve got, out of nearly 600 posts, 17 are tagged “YouTube” – not too excessive. BUT hopefully you’ll be glad to hear this is the last time I intend to rant on the topic. No promises, though.

    Mike: and damn frustrating.

    Shadow: I think they’re totally out of touch with us

    QoD: awwww, you care! Sounds like a fun cocktail.

  7. Carleen

    -says in monotone way, as if voting- I would also like to share in your hatred for YouTube.

    I wholeheartedly agree with your rant on the featured videos section.

    They really. are. awful.

    We made better videos in high school, and that isn’t saying much.

  8. YouTube
    what a boob
    you’re a bore
    you make me snore
    Mr Angry wants out the door
    we don’t love you any more

  9. Careleen: aint it the truth? Saying I’m better than 90% of featured videos is an indictment of their selection process, not a trumpeting of my genius.

    Simonne: Lovely powm, thank you 🙂

  10. amaricasilentcry

    you tube sucks
    you tube fucks
    you tube your such the boob as my friend simonne has so unkindly stated, You give us a migrane just to drive us insane with your lack of a backbone, your invertabrate state makes us all lement and hate your pussyass video tapes. so you tube take a hint and remember your ass is the grass and Mr angry is the stump grinder eating away at your nasty ass fucking gas!

  11. amaricasilentcry

    i know that was a poor attempt at a poem but it speaks volumes about the one who is angry!

  12. It’s a damn good poem!

  13. I’ve got no idea how many people use Soapbox, obviously it’s nothing like the number who use YouTube. There seems to be only 70,000 videos actually on the site.

    As for embedding, you can certainly embed them the HTML way, (if you’re a blogger like me they made it a one-click process which is cool.) So I don’t see why wordpress would have problems embedding them. If you only got traffic via the blog, I’d say give it a go.

    But as you’re not going to get much traffic via the (pretty cool actually) site, and they certainly aren’t going to pay you anything, it’s probably not worth your while.

  14. Henry

    I don’t know if I’ve ever watched YouTube’s featured videos. I have enough different people to whom I’ve subscribed that I don’t go looking for other’s videos. The videos that I discover by accident are almost always linked by YouTube as related to the ones I’ve been watching. So I don’t care who YouTube features. I watch people because I enjoy what they present (or in a couple of cases, because I can’t stay away from what they present). But that’s just me.

  15. Massif: I have explored LiveVideo and Revver but I find I don’t have the time and/or attention span to dedicate to multiple sites. This blog and YT take up nearly all of my available effort. And wordpress is very toey about embedding video, they have to specifically support the type of video. I know they do YT and LV and a few others, not sure about Soapbox.

    sean: word, my brother!

    Henry: sounds like wise choices. I watch maybe 1 in 10 of their featured videos but millions of people DO watch them. That’s what my shallow self wants.

  16. MSN Soapbox isn’t good for embedding videos elsewhere. However, LiveVideo and DailyMotion can be used for blog videos. I prefer DailyMotion because their video embeds are pretty generic and don’t clutter your site.

  17. Thanks for the tip, Robert!

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