Who remembers SkatKat?

This what I do when I’m bored.  For those who have no idea who SkatKat was/is, he was an animated cat used to push a novelty “rap” album in the 80s.  He even did a song and video with Paula Abdul.  But like all one-hit wonders, he fell hard and he fell far.  This is the sad tale of his life today.  Featuring the crappest animation ever.

As I said, I was bored.  The other night I was trying to think of what to do for a video and I wanted to do something different.  I was toying with various ideas about doing a cartoon when I remembered a piece of audio I had on my hard drive.  Way back when I did some videos promoting the 2007 Melbourne Comedy Festival (click the link at the top of the page to see them in all their glory) I recorded some stuff Tommy Dassalo wanted to use in his show, “The Third Guy”.

One of the pieces was a short monologue performed by the show’s director, Adrian Calear.  He plays the rather sad and desperate SkatKat you hear in the above video.  I swear I wasn’t drunk, but I thought it would be a good idea to make it into a video. 

I chopped up some pieces of the SkatKat/Paula Abdul video and did the god-awful animation of a couple of still images.  I think I might use this video to submit a job application to Pixar.  I’m sure they could use the laugh.



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6 responses to “Who remembers SkatKat?

  1. Hey!! I think I remember SkatKat being featured on VH-1’s “Where are they now?” series! Basically, he had become addicted to “the nip” (catnip that is) and was turning tricks on the streets of Hollywood. I was amazed at the degrading things he was doing, all for the price of a few measely mice so that he could feed his nip habit! They actually coined the term “Niphead” on that very show.

    It was sad really.

    But just recently, I saw him make a guest appearance on Paula Abdul’s new reality show on Bravo! He had cleaned up, kicked the nip monkey off his back and had found religion. He was preaching the virtues of clean living to Paula (but “I’m clean!” she kept saying..yeah right!) and told her that her salvation was at stake if she didn’t listen to him.

    Then….they wandered off camera, towards her bedroom and the next thing you know, you hear Paula screeching “Straight Up! Straight Up!” at the top her lungs and the show ended….

    Weird huh? ;P

  2. I’m clearly not watching the right TV shows 😉

  3. Holy crap, neither am I.

    I just can’t believed they actually gave that stupid animated cat a name. “SkatKat”… Hmm… kinda sounds like a feline made outta shit to me.

  4. the music was certainly shit

  5. me

    I saw Paula Abdul in concert back in the day, and Skatkat was the opening act.

  6. OK, that’s weird. Was it a guy in a suit or a cartoon projected on a screen?

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