Fred Thompson – the next President of the USA?

I’ve formed a theory that the absurdly long Presidential campaign being inflicted on the American populace is a deliberate ploy to turn people off politics altogether.  After all, if the population ends up completely disengaged from the political process, there’ll be none of that unpleasant answering for your actions.  Actually being held responsible ruins a good thing for politicians.

I read with interest that even with their huge field of contenders, many Republicans aren’t happy with the selection.  Surveys are showing that the most common response when asked to choose a candidate is “none of the above”.  This may or may not be good news for Fred Thompson.  Thompson is an actor, lawyer and lobbyist, a real Republican insider who is not yet an official contender for the presidency.

He’s being pitched by many as a tough guy and defender of traditional Republican values.  Whether it’s true or not.  Here’s my take on Fred Thompson:



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5 responses to “Fred Thompson – the next President of the USA?

  1. Winghunter

    Please, let us know if you’ll ever drag your pathetic ass here for a visit and I’ll drop what I’m doing to make absolutely sure you get the attention you deserve.

  2. Buckwheat

    Fred Thompson is trying to co-opt Ron Paul’s message because Paul is catching on like wildfire here. Suddenly he discovers the Constitution and limited federal government and wants us to simply forget that he’s been a lobbyist pushing for increased government spending for the past 30 years — except when he was in the U.S. Senate, 1994-2003, also pushing for larger government spending, and getting it.

    Ron Paul is the real deal. Fred Thompson is a phony.

  3. Wingnut: I don’t even understand that comment… is it a threat? Is some faceless person making utterly impotent threats to me on the internet? Because that would be unprecedented.

    Buckwheat: Ron Paul is the most interesting thing about this campaign. I’m really interested to see where things go with him.

  4. Killer B

    I was really interested in Ron Paul’s ideas, especially his attention to eminent domain laws. That was until I visited his web site and saw the rest of his positions. Not allowing the government to take our property is a good thing, but wanting to revoke birthright citizenship is completely insane. Becoming a citizen by virtue of being born in the USA was one of the ideas this country was founded on.
    Since I’ve dropped Paul, Kucinich is looking like the best option overall. At least he’s somewhat of a realist.

  5. One more difference between them is Kuchinich doesn’t stand a chance of getting his party’s nomination while there’s an outside chance (very small) that Paul could actually score a nomination.

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