Mr Angry’s video dating service

And now for something completely different.

The four housemates of the apocalypse decided to make dating videos.  Using my equipment.  Without asking for permission.


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12 responses to “Mr Angry’s video dating service

  1. He he he! Send Mr Boring to my house, I’ll get my girlfriends onto him, that shold rev him up a bit! (Or, in the very least, scare him shitless).

  2. GirlfriendS? He gets more than one? I’m buying a plane ticket now! Now THAT would make for a video worth watching!

  3. I always figured that was Mrs Boring from the mask and voice… I guess it was the long black cloth looked like long hair.

    And why is Mr Insane so posh? Seriously, that last line of his sounds more like Lord Insane of Looneyville than plain old Mr. Insane.

  4. so was this video made before or after the four had makeovers? if this is the after, i’m really worried…

  5. And *THIS* is exactly why I don’t do the online dating thing.. I’m pretty sure all 4 of these guys exist. They are just using different nicknames! 🙂

  6. Do any of them put out on first date?

  7. Massif: I think I’ll set up a MySpace for Lord Insane of Looneyville

    vetti: I don’t think any of them would say no to a makeover.

    cinnkitty: I don’t think you’d have to look far to find worse dating options than these four

    Goat soup: most of them haven’t had a first date so I can’t answer that question.

  8. i pity the stylist who has them to work on

  9. I don’t know.. but I think that Mr Insane and Mr Dark or whatever his name is are the same person.

  10. vetti: I’d start with several heavy layers of pancake makeup

    Michelle: That’s just crazy talk

  11. Frank

    Christ, that’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time … had me in tears.

  12. they’d need to be very thick layers…and the wardrobe/behaviour coach really has some work to do here 😉

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