I was right – Web 2.0 IS a government plot!

Sometimes my powers of deduction amaze even me.  A couple of weeks ago I had a bit of a go at the way people blithely put and absurd amount of identifying information online for all the world to see.  To exaggerate things in my standard style of humour, I suggested that this was all a government plot.  Who needs warrantless wiretapping when people willingly tell you every goddam thing about their lives?

Well, the conspiracy theorists are all over this like Bob Allen on dick.  (I wonder if he also hits the crack pipe like Ted Haggard?)  Anyway, the truth of it all has been uncovered:

Facebook is run by the CIA!

Well, maybe not.  But there are certainly enough crumbs of evidence to drive the tinfoil hat brigade crazy.  Crazier than they already are.  Hard as that is to believe.  So bear in mind I’m not only angry I’m also psychic.  Right here is where you find the news that matters before it even breaks.

Oh, and to the Digg commenter who said in response to my original “government plot” post: “I  don’t know what’s more ridiculously inaccurate; the term Web 2.0 or the idea it’s a government conspiracy.”  Congratulations!  That whistling sound you heard was the joke sailing right over your head. 

You fucking moron.



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4 responses to “I was right – Web 2.0 IS a government plot!

  1. shadowshian

    secrets, secrets they are easy for me since i dont even bother to remember 99% of the “secrets” i hear so keeping them becomes incredibly easy though my hearing and memory is quite selective. conspiracy theorist ought to try using occams razor then there prolly would be less ridiculus theories floating about. thought that might defeat the purpose of those theories being extremely amusing at the times so i suppose they can keep at it if only to amuse me.

  2. DOA

    That only works on unsuspecting people. Those of us that have joined the brotherhood are impervious. Nothing can get through our tinfoil hats. Take THAT CIA!

  3. tom

    if it’s a matter of the money trail, you’d probably pretty much find that all venture capital comes from rich people (gasp) who are all connected to each other (!) through an invisible ‘facebook’ formerly known as the ‘old boy network’ …

  4. shadow: that’s the best way to stay under their radar – don’t remember anything!

    DOA: So long as you also wrap your PC in tinfoil when updating your facebook

    tom: I think you’re right about the money trail – but that’s what makes it so easy to invent conspiracy theories.

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