Equal Opportunities

Anyone who’s read this blog for a while would know I’m a supporter of equal opportunities.  But why is that when I hear things like “Equal Opportunity Committee” I expect to see fat, ugly, bitter people?

I’m just saying is all.



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6 responses to “Equal Opportunities

  1. nomoregoatsoup

    One of the EOC’s current priorities is to:

    “close the ‘pay gap’ so that women’s and men’s earnings are the same”

    I’m wondering if women work as hard as men down coal mines? Or if they deserve equal pay working as a labourer on a building site?

    I’m going to bring up the EOC’s current priorities next time I’m asked to open a jam jar or hold a door open.

  2. those eoc folks are probably trying to get noticed – but publishing a photo just looks more desperate/dateless/clueless than being ignored in the hallways and around the water cooler, imho.

  3. goatsoup: I can see that working out real well for you.

    vetti: hmmm, trying to pick up some date action by circulating their pics?

  4. Vladimir

    >Anyone who’s read this blog for a while would know I’m a supporter of equal opportunities.

    No, you aren’t! You hate stupid people. You are constantly abusing stupid people. What is the difference between discriminating a person because he is female, or black, or stupid? All three kinds of discrimination are equally unfair.

  5. I know you’re making a joke but I will point out that there’s a world of difference between precluding someone from doing something because they’ve proved themselves incapable and precluding someone simply because you want to discriminate against them.

  6. As i have mentioned before on youutbe. Fat ugly bitter people run the governments.

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