I’d make a great babysitter

A prominent YouTuber who goes by the name of Renetto put up a joke video suggesting he was running a competition to find a babysitter for his kids.  Here we discover a bit of an insight into my psyche.  This video was how I chose to respond:

As an aside, my girlfriend refuses to kiss me when I wear this getup.  I know, because I wore it previously at a party.  She is a woman of impeccable taste.



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10 responses to “I’d make a great babysitter

  1. I’m going to threaten the kids at work with this video. If they don’t behave I’m sending them to YOU. 49 in route next week. 😀

  2. lifebylisa

    So, did you get the job? Deifnitely know a few kids that could use a babysitter like you. Man, they’d be SO GLAD to see their parents, and probably much better behaved then I’ve seen lately. So, you know, if that gig doesn’t pan out, I’ll see what I can do to help.

  3. + 1, lifebylisa – this isn’t mere babysitting, its a public service.

    yeh, there’s nothing about that getup that says “kiss me” – although i’m sure somewhere on the interwebs someone might disagree. best not thought about really…

  4. Sandra: I think that’s an excellent use of this video

    lisa: I haven’t heard yet but I have high hopes

    vett: I really don’t want to think about people who find that look attractive

  5. oneandonlyhypnos

    Well, I know some kids that could use a couple of sessions with you. That will teach them. If they don’t behave after that…

  6. If they don’t behave after this babysitter, he’ll make sure you don’t see them again.

  7. shadowshian

    please dont remind me. knowing my bros twisted sense of humor ill prolly wind up baby sitting my niece when she gets old enaugh, which judging from my bro and his wife is going to be a tiny terrorist with wicked sense of humor and quick feet.

  8. gruntski

    I’m bringing my two kids down from Yass in a couple o’ months…. I’m sure they’d love to meet you…

  9. @ Mr Angry:

    “he’ll make sure you don’t see them again”

    You would kill them? When can I bring them over?

  10. shadow: beware babysitting for a sibling! All sorts of revenge happens there.

    gruntski: they’d love me!

    hypnos: nothing on the record 😉

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