Goodbye Freedom

It isn’t as if I want to encourage armed insurrection but seriously, why the fuck aren’t Americans rioting in the streets?  How far does this shit have to go?

Americans may need passports to board domestic flights or to picnic in a national park next year…



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6 responses to “Goodbye Freedom

  1. shadowshian

    im counting days to see when americans need that ID to go into supermarket and fill a form what you are buying just incase you dont buy the materials needed to make a bomb.

  2. Yeah, this sort of stuff is getting pretty scary. But there isn’t much you can really do about it I am afraid. In Great-Britain ‘security’ is getting tougher too. It’s happening everywhere. If this continues we will end up in the orwellian nightmare that China has become (I’ve written an article about that on my blog). Over there they got a pilot project running with about 200000 cameras watching citizens every move. Big Brother is already here.

    And of course: It is well known that crazed islamist extremists plotting to destroy the US often go camping in national state parks to discuss their evil plots and construct weapons of mass destruction.

  3. Yet, one supposes, this ID won’t be required to buy a gun… I swear that America is rapidly becoming its own worst enemy…

  4. Vladimir

    > How far does this shit have to go?

    I think, it can go to any extent imaginable, as long as it is going gradually enough. It could be more appropriate to ask “how _fast_ does this shit have to go?” 🙂

  5. shadow: it’s certainly moving that way.

    hypnos: yeah, it’s the harrassment while doing things that *aren’t* criminal that bugs me!

    Sandra: they are indeed about to give us the mark of the beast I feel.

    Kyklops: I agree with the “own worst enemy” thing

    Vlad: Good point! I think it’s going almost fast enough now.

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