Bloggerman saves the day

Like most bloggers, I suffer from the delusion that my writing actually means something.  In the bigger picture, I mean.  As in, I’m going to change the world.  While thinking about this I started to imagine a blogging superhero in full spandex-wearing, underpants-on-the-outside glory.  Hence, “Bloggerman”.

I like the idea of being a superhero but all superheroes have a weakness.  Superman had Kryptonite.  My weakness is pretty lame.  I have a light sensitivity known as photic sneeze reflex.  Essentially, bright sunshine makes me sneeze.  Even looking straight into a bright artificial light can trigger sneezing.  By bright, I mean about 100 watts will do it if I stare straight into the light.

Once the bad guys latched onto this I’d be screwed.  I’d be all flying in to save the day and the criminals would say “Oh no, it’s Bloggerman!  Quick, shine the bright flashlight in his eyes and we’ll make our getaway while he’s sneezing.”

I think I would use my blogging powers to confuse them.  I’d start false stories through blogs that said my true weakness was hot naked chicks writhing in oil.  Then they’d make the mistake of putting hot, oiled babes in my path to stop me pursuing them.

Actually, that would probably be pretty effective in distracting me from crime fighting.



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9 responses to “Bloggerman saves the day

  1. Vladimir

    > Like most bloggers, I suffer from the delusion that my writing actually means something.

    It does! When I finally become a horrible dictator of the world, you will be credited for formation of my evil attitude.

  2. Well, you may suffer from that delusion – but I’ve been saved from that suffering.

    My writing does actually mean something. I’m just not sure what yet.

  3. Just a Woman

    I wanted to write about something nice, not porn, but gentle sex and kama sutra.

    greetings a friend you do reg.

  4. Sneezing from bright light Mr. Angry? Seriously..that’s not a good weakness for Bloggerman. Especially if it’s YOUR alter-ego. After all. *YOU* are Mr. Angry, and Mr. Angry’s weakness is very obviously being allergic to knobs, goobers, fuckwits, and tards. That is more of a likely weakness for Bloggerman. Granted, he’d pretty much never be able to come out of the house because the world is full of these types. And criminals are the worst! 🙂

  5. Mr. Angry, you think too small. Clearly, I hold you in higher regard than you do yourself. I don’t see you merely changing the world. I envision you taking over the world. Please, do not disappoint me.

  6. shadowshian

    sneezing on bright light aint so bad atleast you dont start feeling sleepy every time air moisture percentage goes above 60%. now i live less than 20 km from sea and i used to live nearly 100 km from the sea imagine the comparison in air moisture levels especially during fall. you taking over the world not if i take over it first 😀

  7. Vlad: It’s nice to know I’m an inspiration – even if that’s an inspiration to evil.

    Massif: Mysteries are only mysteries until we solve them

    Just a woman: that sounds like a good goal

    CinnKitty: I regard that as a strength, not a weakness 😉

    Jewels: Oh yes, I’m definitely taking over the world.

    Shadow: that does sound difficult to deal with.

  8. lifebylisa

    Well, I’ll be sure to stay on your good side then. Good luck with taking over the world, not sure it’s worth anything at this point, unless 2008 gets here REALLY QUICK.

  9. All will be made well with the rise of the Angry Empire.

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