The biggest lie ever told

One of my YouTube pals, known as JustA11en, made a video he titled “The biggest lies ever told”.  He sent me a message suggesting I respond.  Apparently he thought I might have an issue with liars.

He was right.

I had so many ideas about the biggest liars in the world my brain was buzzing for a day thinking about it.  Lies told to justify war.  Lies told by hypocrites who preach morality and condemn the sexuality of other while practicing quite extreme perversion of their own.  The possibilities were almost endless.

In the end I settled on what I thought was the biggest lie I’ve seen told on YouTube.



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7 responses to “The biggest lie ever told

  1. I wonder if hating haters is being a hater yourself….

  2. I’m a Hater . . . I hate a lot of people. It’s a valuable emotion. Why would anyone lie about it?

    Of course this might not be the most useful comment, or productive for that matter. But at least it doesn’t start out with a lie.

  3. nomoregoatsoup

    I’m the richest*, best looking guy* in my town. Worst video ever!* Mr Angry Sucks!*

    *may contain nuts and lies.

  4. Vladimir

    There’s nothing wrong with lying. I, for example, lie in my each and every phrase.*

    *no exceptions

  5. I am NOT a compulsive liar.

  6. Sir Skeleton: I don’t hate haters, I react appropriately to their moronic behaviour.

    Rick: The ones I’m talking about operate under the delusion that there is some value in what they do, hence they lie. Even to themselves, I suspect.

    goatsoup: all credible statements 😉

    Vlad: The next thing I will tell you is a lie but the last thing I told you was true.

    gruntski: that seemed like a *very* compulsive outburst 😉

  7. Blu



    So, hello, my name is Blu. I found you a few months back, and I’m currently reading your archives. I just now watched this video… yeah, that’s some dumb shit people do. I just wanted to weigh in and not be so much of a lurker. 🙂

    Love the accent, btw. 😉

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