I told you I was sick

I haven’t had as much energy as usual lately due to my previously mentioned illness.  My efforts with both blog posts and videos have suffered as a result.  I offer up this video as proof I’m not faking it:


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4 responses to “I told you I was sick

  1. shadowshian

    hmm i doupt they sell finrexin there but its a mix of aspirin 350mg, caffiene 30mg and C-vitamin 300mg. you pour the powder into hotwater and drink it comes in different flavours so. i had flu while back i was really sneezing every few seconds and mis read the dosage which is 4 times a day. i managed read dosage as every 4 hours, the flu was gone about 18 hours later and i couldnt sleep for another 18 hours becouse of the amount of caffiene in my system. certainly did the job since its mean to be treating the flu symptoms.

  2. Sir S: I’m getting there.

    Shadow: sounds like a pretty wild cure!

  3. Very wild cure. The next time a catch the flu or a cold, I’ll stick to going to bed early and taking some time of.

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