Melbourne by night

I’m in the middle of taking a week off work right now.  My relaxation mode has spilled over into my blogging.  You may have noticed.  I’m not dead- simply resting.

I will still be posting.  Like right now.  Just maybe not with the regularity and depth/length that I usually do.  I’ve also been making less angry videos – it’s amazing how much screaming at a camera interferes with relaxing.

I’ve been shooting some scenic videos around Melbourne actually.  As the weather gets better you’ll be seeing more of this fair city.  Here a video I shot in the city centre the other night.

I’m thinking of doing some more with that ferris wheel – it’s really trippy.  Maybe I’ll do some to camera stuff with the shirting lights behind my head like some sort of acid trip halo.  Yeah, that oughta get me arrested.



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3 responses to “Melbourne by night

  1. DOA

    On the bright side I now waste less time here and more working. Multiply that with the number of the readers you have and you get an idea of the amount of work hours that are saved. So you realize that your vacation is improving the global economy. You can use that as an argument next time you ask for some time off.

  2. St. Kilda road ROCKS!!! (or should that be RAWKSSS…. football)

    Go the Tiges!!!! (you don’t need to say anything… I already know….)

  3. Nice images of Melbourne. Looks lovely, I should visit it some time. Must be a nice vacation spot!

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