What’s a Republican’s favourite sex fetish?

The cavalcade of embarrassing revelations about the secret lives of ultra-conservatives that seem
to come out every day have me wondering.  Is the easiest way to work out what a Republican’s fetish is to look at what he denounces?  Consider the evidence provided bu just a few recent examples:

  • Bob Allen (Florida Chairman of John McCain’s Presidential Campaign) gets caught offering a dude money to suck his dick in a public toilet.  Turns out dude was an undercover cop.
  • Glen Murphy Jnr (National Chairman of the Young Republicans) is facing charges for sucking a sleeping dude’s dick.  Turns out sleeping dude wasn’t a willing participant
  • Senator Larry Craig is another closeted Republican with the poor judgement to proposition an undercover cop in a public toilet
  • Mark Foley, champion of all who oppose child predators online, spends his free time sending sexually explicit text messages to teenagers who work in his office
  • Ted Haggard, leader of the National Association of Evangelicals, gets busted for liaisons with a gay prostitute that involve plenty of butt sex and crack smoking.  This guy’s my personal favourite as despite railing against “immorality” generally and homosexuality specifically for years, he managed to (a) hook up with a prostitute (b) have plenty of gay sex and (c) do hard drugs.

I have nothing against rational adults engaging in consensual sex (gay, prostitute-assisted or otherwise) and even doing drugs.  It’s the hypocrisy I can’t stand.  And the REAL conservatives, the REAL Republicans, the REAL christians must be having a far worse time than me trying to deal with these hypocritical scumbags.  I never liked them, but when they’re the champions of your cause, it’s gotta hurt.

I’m serious about Rick Santorum by the way.  I have no doubt he will eventually be revealed to be into some REALLY sick stuff.  When an evangelical minister does crack with a gay escort, nothing is impossible.



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6 responses to “What’s a Republican’s favourite sex fetish?

  1. The lesson for today: stay away from nervous republicans!

    And I always wondered why anybody can be against Gay Marriage? What’s up with that? If they want to be happy, let them. There is no harm in that.

    Bestiality…Now, that makes me angry! Just sick…

  2. You’ll probably find some of them even sleep with Liberals!

    Nah, I think hypocrisy is actually their favourite perversion, I think they get a sick kick out of preaching against what they practice.

  3. “That dude fucks animals” – classic.

  4. Vladimir

    > Bestiality…Now, that makes me angry! Just sick…

    “Inter-species erotica!” (“Clerks II”, the movie)

    By the way, doesn’t Australia has politics of it’s own, or the USA’s one is just more interesting?

  5. Oh yes Australia has politics of it’s own. I just wonder why the media let them get away with what they do. Plus it usually involves kow-towing to the US. We hear “Bush and Howard do have a very special relationship…” ??? So this apparently justifies a million things they collude upon.
    At the end of the day, everything is planned and decided upon long before we ever know about it, even if we get to the stage of knowing about it.
    I think hypocrisy/double standards and politics go hand in hand. No such thing as an honest politician. That’s an oxymoron.
    I would go so far as to say that it is not politics that necessarily churns out these kind of people but the church. I bet you that every single person mentioned in the post above is a devout christian. You want to look at things that make me angry? Check out the rampant child sex abuse in the church. The thing that really gets me going is that people turn a blind eye and allow it to happen. What if this was happening to your child?!
    Australia recently sent the manager of John Farnham away for tax evasion for around a year. Not long after some high ranking schmuck gets caught with hardcore child pornography on his computer (the idiot brought it into his work because he couldn’t figure out how to fix it!) and he gets away with a couple months… That’s justice for you.

  6. I’m not much into politics, but Ross Parsley (A pastor at Ted Haggard’s church) is a hero of mine. I’m a “real” Christian and yeah, this news was difficult to hear. (I’m never happy to hear about people’s failures.) Although I wouldn’t say it was hard to “deal with.” Everyone’s a dirty rotten sinner. Including me. That’s why I need Jesus right?

    “When an evangelical minister does crack with a gay escort, nothing is impossible.”

    This is absolutely true. I’m not surprised when people screw up. We all do to varying degrees.

    I will say Haggard’s taken some pretty repentant steps recently. Perhaps it’s a show due to the publicity, but there is the simple fact that after he was caught he ceased all of these actions and began to practice what he had preached. I think that’s admirable.

    The videos are totally funny. Sucks about Google. The mask is a little creepy.

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