Crazy Windows Error Messages

Here’s the sort of thing I do when I’m bored.  I found a site that lets you generate authentic looking Windows error messages.  It’s good for a bit of aimless fun and I used it to put together the following comic:

Video version

Still version

page one

page 2

page 3
If you want to make your own error messages, go to the Atom Smasher website.



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9 responses to “Crazy Windows Error Messages

  1. Some people have way too much time on their hands.. hmmm, I think I’ll get one of those..:)

  2. Ha..ha..ha… You must be running Vista. 🙂 I know ever since I upgraded to Vista, it controls the horizontal, it controls the vertical and it controls every other damn thing on the computer.

    Me – “Delete this file”
    Vista – “This program is asking for access, do you wish to allow?”
    Me – “Yes, please delete this file”
    Vista – “Do you wish to delete this file?”
    Me – “Yes…damn IT, I’ve said twice now, delete this file.”
    Vista – “Are you sure you want to proceed?”
    Vista – “I’m sorry Dave, I can’t do that…..”

    Me – “Auuuugggghhhhhh!!!! ” (banging head against computer)

    Vista – “Please stop doing that Dave”


  3. Michelle: I have FAR too much time on my hands

    CinnKitty: OMG, I think you’ve stumbled upon the secret of 2001 – HAL was running an MS operating system!

  4. Hilarious. No vista for me.

  5. tom

    nice job – i am trying to teach my son the simple lesson that “software sucks”, and the best thing you can do about it is, “step away from the computer”

  6. range: I don’t have Vista either – it seems that’s what these error messages make most people think of

    tom: yeah, “software sucks” is a good summary

  7. I Hate computers. That’s why I work in (supposedly) I.T…. (it’s a self sabotage thing, I’ve been told…)

  8. nomoregoatsoup

    I like the recent comic book halftones.
    I like the really Angry tune.
    I like really the error messages.
    I like Vista!

    …but when’s the damn tv show coming?

  9. gruntski: me too mate

    goatsoup: I’ve been on “The Fizz” which screen on DirecTV in the states. Does that count?

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