I think Google has blacklisted me

I noticed the weirdest thing today.  One of my regular YouTube viewers mentioned he couldn’t find my blog on Google.  When I check some of my old standby search terms (“Mr Angry”, “Angry Blog”, “foreskin blog”) I wasn’t showing up.  At first I thought they might have recalibrated their algorithm which resulted in me being moved further down the list.

Then I actually put in “angryaussie” and got back a whole bunch of stuff from YouTube and some other sites but nothing from my blog.  It’s always possible that this is not about me specifically – maybe they’ve just demoted hosted blogs generally.  But I have no idea how to find out what’s happening.

If anyone has any expertise in this area (that includes working out what the hell happened and what the hell I can do about it) I’d appreciate some advice.



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26 responses to “I think Google has blacklisted me

  1. Vladimir

    Couldn’t it happen because you always write about something like “anal sex”, “oral sex”, “vagina full of semen” etc.? Maybe they’ve blacklisted you as a porn site?

  2. Vlad has a point – you might have to turn your search filter off (if it is on) if you have higher than normal sexual content, but even if that was the case your tamer (there’s a word I’ll bet is not usually applied to you) stuff should show up.

    Beyond that I don’t know who you would contact @ google or how you would go about it.

    I googled my own blog and my 2 latest posts came up like 3rd down on the front page. And the next two pages are littered with stuff from my blog and people talking about my blog

    So, I’m going to guess it’s not just general censure of bloggers

  3. Nope – This very post is top page for me in google, with or without safesearch enabled.

    Check it again. Maybe it was a glitch.

  4. Vladimir

    > Beyond that I don’t know who you would contact @ google or how you would go about it.

    I read an article about Google’s blacklists some time ago, where some “Google web-master tool” was mentioned. A form on their site that you can use to queue your site for a revision and potential un-blacklisting, if I remember correctly.

  5. I can’t find you on google. I just typed in ‘angryaussie’ and nothing. Youtube, technorati and other blogs were something is being said about this blog or linked to, yes… Your WordPress blog…NO
    At least not on the first five pages or so. Very weird since you update often and there is lots of activity here.

    I understand how you feel. I have a blog that turned up third on google for a month. Now, I can’t find it on the first six pages of google. Very frustrating. I must start blogging more on that blog…Not that it will help.

  6. Vlad: but Google doesn’t blacklist porn sites! You have to do some evil SEO tricks I think.

    brahnamin: I’ve defninitely been nuked from Google blog-wise.

    hypnos: I was top for quite a few things but the fact that “angryaussie” doesn’t reveal this blog points to something far more serious than an algorithm tweak. I’m hoping one of my more tech-oriented reader will be able to help.

  7. Google tends not to like people who add terms in on their webpages to increase the number of people who visit the page. Seeing as you do that occasionally, that may be the reason. Or they just hate you.

  8. If that’s the reasoning being employed (and I suspect it is) that’s pretty fucking harsh.

  9. I don’t know if this helps, but I googled “Angry 365 Days a Year,” and a ton of your blog stuff came up.

  10. Yeah, but again, that’s mainly links to my blog rather than my blog itself. There doesn’t seem to be any doubt now that I’ve been blacklisted – I’ll have to work out what to do about it.

  11. angryaussie is on page 9, link #9 for me.

  12. Mr. Angry,
    I just googled “angry aussie” and your blog came up as the first result (in fact the whole first page is related to your stuff).
    I’m definitely no expert, but it sounds like some kind of glitch. Have you tried refreshing your browser? Or possibly it’s filter settings on a) your browser, b) your network, or c) your IP?
    In any event, you’re showing up loud and clear here in Japan!

  13. GUI Junkie

    I did some searches, but only “angry aussie” did any good.


  14. Using Firefox, “angryaussie” brings you up om google.com.au, occupying the first page almost exclusively. That is, with “moderate SafeSearch” on.

    Ditto for IE7. Hopefully we’re not dealing with ISP-level filtration here.

  15. I googled “angry aussie” and your blog is at the top, the rest of the page is blogs and youtube related content relating to you.

    “mr angry” – nothing related to you.

    “Angry Blog” – nothing related to you.


    (I’m googling from England)

  16. Vladimir

    > but Google doesn’t blacklist porn sites!
    Indeed… I searched there for “vagina full of semen”, there was nothing like a porn site in the results, so I thought they are blacklisted. But now I tried a simple “porn site” – and there’s a lot of them…. I’m gonna get busy now…

  17. like kyklops, i added a space between angry and aussie and your blog comes up first hit (youTube too, but lots of blog stuff for this site)

    any chance it’s a server issue?

    i’m in the states and you’re down under. i’ve read plenty of articles of particular countries doing wonky things to internet access.

    whatever it is, you are still findable loud and clear in america (or at least my little corner of it)

  18. note :: typing in angryaussie just gave me youTube and links from other sites that were talking about your stuff but nothing that linked directly to wordpress.

    maybe wordpress just objects to run-on words

  19. maybe they thought you were too happy and wanted to give you something to be angry about

    maybe @ 3 comments in a row i am terminally bored and should go away and bug someone else for awhile

    good luck with it all

  20. Okay Mr. Angry — it’s “official”. I think I have finally reached *your* level of anger in my newest post. I feel like a little “mini-Mr. Angry” hmm…I guess that would be “mini-Ms. Angry” huh? 🙂

    I think you will be proud of me.. who knows..maybe it’s good enough that you’ll mentor me in the finer ways of “hating”. 🙂


  21. Well the whole thing pisses me off. I can’t even work out who to plead my case to. Fuck it.

    Oh, and nice rant CinnKitty 😀 It was a lot of fun to read

  22. Hello,

    This blog comes second in the list when I search for “My Angry” and top for “angryaussie”, with both results using a snippet from this very post. That’s through google.ie, anyway.

  23. I’m less conspiracy theory minded now, I suspect it isn’t about me and it’s simply one of their regular algorithm tweaks. If they wanted to downgrade the importance of hosted blogs I could hardly blame them, given the proliferation of spam.

  24. Vladimir

    You should start your presidential campaign right now. This censorship will not stand, man! They gotta be stopped!

  25. Good idea, I should turn this to my advantage!

  26. Hey Mr. Angry, I typed in angry aussie and you were #1, so don’t be angry! Well be angry to post though.

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