Angry Comix #4 – Watching God, Inc

I’m rather easily led.  So many people have been telling me to do more of the comics that I decided to go ahead and do some more.  All I had to do is decide on the script.  Then I had a brainwave.

One of my most viewed ever videos on YouTube is also, bizarrely enough, one of my worst.  The jokes in it are pretty good but I made almost no effort when shooting it.  It has multiple characters but when I cut between them, they’re actually sitting in the same seat and facing in the same direction so it makes no sense visually.

The video was a response to a featured video called “God, Inc”.  It’s essentially a sitcom set in heaven but heaven is this really crappy office environment with all the bureaucracy and petty politics that happens in an office.  I thought it was really funny and perfectly suited for a response from my “demon” characters.  Basically, my idea was they see “God, Inc” as their competition.

I did the video a day before I went on my New Zealand holiday so I was thinking far more about my holiday than the video.  Then about two days later I checked my email at an internet cafe in New Zealand.  The inbox was full of comments from YouTube.  It turns out that God, Inc was quite popular and my video was the only response they approved at the time so I was getting thousands of views a day. 

And, surprise surprise, I was getting dozens of stupid comments a day.  Quite a few positive ones at well but the morons were making themselves well and truly known.  I had enormous amounts of fun ripping into the haters, most of them were stupid enough to leave themselves wide open.  But truth be told, I knew I’d made a pretty ordinary effort with the video.

For ages I’d been promising myself I’d redo the video properly but I’d never gotten around to it.  It can be a little difficult to shoot the pieces with more than one character but I realised this would be ideal for the comic medium.  It’s much easier to incorporate multiple characters when you’re only using still images.

So here it is, my God, Inc response done as a comic:

For completists, here is the original God, Inc video:

And here’s my original response video:



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2 responses to “Angry Comix #4 – Watching God, Inc

  1. Much better with your theme music…..

  2. Yeah, I’m gonna try doing the next one with voice-over as well.

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