Mr Angry learns to manage his angry feelings

Have you ever been in a situation where someone drops “hints” about a problem they think you have?  They don’t come out and say anything to you but they might leave an article about Alcoholics Anonymous lying about or maybe a brochure titled “So You’re Having Erectile Dysfunction Problems?”  I don’t know why I went for those two.  Nobody’s ever left them lying around for me.  Honest.

The people who do this type of thing call themselves “helpful”.  I call them passive-aggressive jerks.  In this video, I discuss what I learned when someone left a booklet titled “Managing Angry Feelings” on my keyboard.

Remember: if you aren’t angry, you clearly aren’t paying enough attention to what’s going on. 



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12 responses to “Mr Angry learns to manage his angry feelings

  1. HILARIOUS!! My favorite part, the sad little face on the girl on the book’s cover. Priceless.

    And, by the way … I *TOTALLY* agree with you. Passive aggressive people are jackasses.

  2. She has apparently been used in other advertising as well – she’s the archetypal unhappy little girl!

  3. Vladimir

    Couldn’t it be a hint from the Thought Police, that your anonymity as Mr Angry has been compromised?

  4. It was my keyboard at home – no need to be that paranoid yet.

  5. She’s the Devil-Child!

    Run for your lives.

  6. *i don’t have anger management issues*

    i agree . . . i think you manage your anger quite well.

  7. I’m guessing it came from the asshole in the meeting who couldn’t accept that you were adult enough to leave the room for a very good reason — like trying not to shit your pants — and had to annoy you about it in front of everyone. That you threatened to call “Mr. Poopy Pants”.

    Or it could be the person giving you shit about using a knife to scrap you toasted sammich off the grill that you threatened to grill their face on.

    Or it could be the cowworker that you scared to death with the giant knife stained with drippy red liquid while running through the office halls.

    Hmmm..come to think of it — it could be ANYONE in your office, whether they have met your or not. Something tells me, you are something of a local legend in that work force. ha..ha..ha…!!! 😛

  8. Yay for aNGER!

    My Family thinks I have an anger problem among other problems. I may have a little….perhaps I should have hit my brother with a wrench…


  9. Mr Vengeful

    Don’t get angry, get even.

  10. Rose

    Right now, I am imagining a brightly colored brochure with a an emaciated, balding man on the cover that says “So You Have Erectile Dysfunction.”

    Inside: FAQs on Erectile Dysfunction.
    “What is erectile dysfunction?”
    “What causes erectile dysfunction?”
    “How many men suffer from erectile dysfunction?”
    “What can I do about erectile dysfunction?”
    “Why did God choose to encumber me with a lifeless noodle of a penis?”
    “Is there a God, anyway?”
    “What is the meaning of life?”
    “Yes, ha ha, 42, very clever. What’s the real meaning of life?”

    This is all your fault, Mr. Angry. This image will never leave my head now.

    Sorry to stray from the topic at hand, but penises are funny.

    They think you’re too angry? I disagree. You have this blog, here, into which you can vent your anger.

    The people you really have to watch out for are the ones who don’t seem to have any anger issues, for two reasons:
    1) Everyone on this Earth is angry. Everyone. I will hear no opposing viewpoints. The world is too fucked-up for anyone not to be angry. And the people who aren’t angry? They’re angry. If you’re not angry, you have merely turned your anger into denial or self-loathing.

    2) If these people are not openly expressing their anger, they are bottling it up inside where it will eventually turn into something extremely destructive, like, say, a killing spree or a heart attack.

    So find the person who left that brochure on your keyboard and give it back to them. Obviously this person is turning their anger into passive-aggression, and they need help.

  11. Massif: she sure is!

    Brahnamin: I like the way I manage it 🙂

    David: a gift from the baby jesus

    CinnKitty: yeah, I don’t know why all these people keep giving me such a hard time.

    Smiley: maybe you should hit him again to see if it’s really a problem

    Mr Vengeful: damn straight!

    Rose: I agree, I think people who don’t appear to be angry are psychos just waiting to happen.

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