Mr Angry to take Manhattan?

The New York deal is looking good.

I want to take a moment to thank everyone for all the positive responses to my post from yesterday.  It’s obviously exciting to me that I might get to go on US network TV but it’s also really gratifying to get such a show of support from everyone.  And not just for this specific incident; the support and feedback I’ve received from readers over the last 18 months is what keeps me going.

The story so far: I got the expected call from the TV guy last night and it went well.  This is for a show that will be produced by the news/current affairs department at this network in New York.  Apparently they are doing a show all about anger and they want to interview me for it.

The guy asked me a whole bunch of questions about my blog, my character, why I’m angry, all that sort of thing.  He’s going to take his notes to his producer where I guess the final decision on whether or not to use me is made.  He said I should hear in the next week or so.

I don’t actually know if they plan to do more than one show or whether they might use me for 5 seconds or 5 minutes.  I guess I’ll find out more as I go along.  Still.  T fucking V!  Me!  And it ain’t cable, baby! (No disrespect to the fine folks at The Fizz on DirecTV who have been very good to me over the last year)

I’ll hold off actually giving identifying details regarding the network until things get verified.  I’m not sure if that’s important but it feels like the right thing to do at the moment.  Plus it adds an element of suspense.  Which network will debut Mr Angry?  It’s sure to be the talk of tinsel town.  Or possibly not.

As for people suggesting some sort of get-together if I get there: FUCK YES!  I’d love that!  I’ve never been to New York so I’m going to be a bit of a goggle-eyed tourist.  Some local help would be appreciated.  My only regret is I’m unlikely to have an opportunity to do any sort of a road trip.  I’d love to explore some more of the country and meet a few more people but I don’t think I’ll have the time.

Obviously when I get my own series or make a feature film I’ll make the time to get around a bit more 😉

Here’s how I announced the news on YouTube:

I have to add, I’m really pleased this possible break has come from the blog, not YouTube.  The TV guy in question found me via my famous alli diet pill post from a few months back.  It just goes to show, kids: writing about pooping your pants is the path to success.

I’ve mentioned on several occasions in the past how not being featured on YouTube has pissed me off.  That’s the easy path to lots of recognition and I’ll be honest; it frustrates me that they feature some real shit and haven’t featured me.  I’ve been more philosophical about it recently.  As I approach the twin milestones of 1000 subscribers and one million views I actually feel good that I accomplished that without the help of being featured.  That’s an achievement I can own.

I almost wrote that I’d done it alone but that isn’t true.  I’ve had great support from a couple of people, most notably Cory Williams (Mr Safety) of SMP Films.  People in the community have been great to me – it’s the YouTube editors who haven’t done me any favours.

But this potential New York gig is all about the blog.  That belongs to me and you, dear readers.  And that feels damn good!



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4 responses to “Mr Angry to take Manhattan?

  1. YAY!!! Yes, do it, Mr. Angry. Come take Manhattan. She’s waiting for you. 😉

  2. tom

    this has to be one of the few times i wished i was “back East” (as we California immigrants say). congrats!

  3. funky: she’s a wanton city then? 😉

    tom: thanks. I really want to do a proper trip to the US some time soon.

  4. I wish you all the luck Mr. Angry. If you ever get a show, I will be sure to watch it.

    I’m glad to see that blogging helped get you in touch with the tv network. It really gives inspiration to get creative for yourself using blogs and the like…

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