Ways you can tell I’m leaving my current job #1

In a meeting discussing some technical issues about database integration one cow-orker said to another cow-orker:

“You’re trying to force things into the back end.”

I couldn’t resist and responded:

“That’s what your mum said,” and burst out laughing.



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14 responses to “Ways you can tell I’m leaving my current job #1

  1. DOA

    You’ve been reading Monday’s xkcd strip, haven’t you?

  2. Oh you naughty one you! I hope that person appreciated your quick wit.

  3. Ahhh….so the decision has been made to move on from this Titanic it would seem. (or it has been made for you now, at least.) hee..hee..hee….

    Flee!! Flee!! The Cow-Workers are worse than brain sucking zombies….. they devour your very will to live. At least with zombies you get to come back as one! šŸ˜‰

    Just remember to take the damn sammich toaster with you…oh wait…it still have fleshy bits stuck to it from that guy you shoved in it, doesn’t it? Never mind. I’ll send you a toaster oven as a “happy new job” present when you start your new one! šŸ˜€

  4. marr: it felt good to do it

    DOA: The coincidence was amazing (truth: I’d read the comic before I made the comment)

    tom: it was one of those perfect moments

    Michelle: There was a significant pause but then they appreciated the joke

    CinnKitty: I’m taking a month off to organise the As One gatherings for YouTube users. And I have my own sandwich toaster šŸ˜€

  5. the problem with me is that’s how I talk in real life

    all the time

  6. Oh, oh, oh…I cannot stop laughing.

  7. engtech: it’s only a problem around boring people (i.e. most workplaces)

    writer: Thanks!

    moonbeam: maybe I should come and work with you then šŸ™‚

  8. I’m on leave of absence– that’s why I’m able to laugh. They won’t be able to suck the life out of me until I go back. šŸ™‚

  9. In the spirit of you being my Hero, I had a chance to use your spin on the world. This is from some anonymous ass wipe on Yahoo Messenger trying to communicate with me.
    They didn’t reply back…Hmmmmmm

  10. Hey the text disappeared, but here it is again:
    deklicks: Hello how’re you doing today hope all is well am Lola by
    name 31 years am caring loving honest and truthwothy will like to meet you
    online and talk to you are you there?
    marrngtn: Sorry already having sex with your mum

  11. marr: AWESOME way to make a point!

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