As One Sydney YouTube gathering November 24th

Well, when we announced the As One Melbourne gathering for YouTube users, viewers, aficionados and people who just wanted to look at the freakshow, a common reaction was “Why not in Sydney?”  Simple really, we don’t live in Sydney.  This sort of thing is hard enough to organise where you live.  Trying to set something up in a city 900km away is bloody impossible.

So we put the call out: does anyone in Sydney want to step up and organise a gathering?  And Sydney came through!

Me, I’m doing a road trip.  The East coast may not survive.



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3 responses to “As One Sydney YouTube gathering November 24th

  1. You’re so right, liability disclaimers ARE fun! I’m looking forward to your road trip. And I wish I could organize a YouTube gathering in El Paso, but I don’t speak Spanish. Which would explain why no one here talks to me.

  2. Let me know when you’re near Yass, dude. I’ll meet you at the service ccnter. You know the one; where myass opens at 6.30….

    For those of you that haven’t seen the picture… ahhh…. forget it. If you want to think I’m gay and on a schedule, that’s cool with me.

  3. Buck: a harsh situation to find yourself in!

    gruntski: there are worse ways to be thought of than gay and punctual

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