Ways you can tell I’m leaving my job #3

I’m more likely to tell people what I think of them.
You may not believe this but at work I am generally of a sunny disposition (I’ve mentioned before that I’m a whistler).  But there’s always some jerk who thinks it’s their job to pass judgement on others.  They are fools because this is, of course, my job. 

So I’m having a conversation with a cow-orker today when, for no reason I can fathom, he says:

“You’re in a way better mood than usual.  What’s up with that?”

Personally, I thought I was in my normal mood.  Maybe this fuckwit is the type who’s so terrified of running out of things to say he’ll fill momentary silences with anything, no matter how mindless, rather than shutting the fuck up for five seconds.  Maybe he suffers from such extreme self-loathing he couldn’t work out why I wasn’t punching him in the face.  Like his mother does.

Usually, I’d ignore mindless shit like this but, hey, I’m leaving.  So I said:

“Well, talking to you is bringing down my mood by the second so I should be where you expect real soon.”

Surprisingly enough, the conversation sort of died after that.



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8 responses to “Ways you can tell I’m leaving my job #3

  1. But there’s always some jerk who thinks it’s their job to pass judgement on others. They are fools because this is, of course, my job.

    absolutely amazing they didn’t already know.

  2. Vladimir

    For some reason (maybe prenatal trauma?) I genuinely hate any expression of codified pseudo-interest in me, namely those pesky “how are you?”-like atrocities… So I often have to participate in conversations like: “How are you? – As if you care…” Or: “How are you? – Better, thanks.” (especially good if it’s the first time I met that moron). Or: “What’s up? – I guess, it’s ceiling.” I wonder, are these symptoms similar to what you’re describing?

  3. DOA

    I keep seeing actors and journalists become politicians and I wonder why I have never seen anyone from the IT crowd do that. Now I know.

    “Greetings Prime Minister of China”
    “Hello, how are you Mr President?”
    “As if you care you commie noob”

  4. Damn it!! I never thought of it that way… if you are happy at work…that must mean that you are leaving… hmmm…. I need to work on being more unhappy. ha..ha…ha…!!!! 😉

  5. E0157H7

    Unflinching honesty generally means one of three things; either the person has nothing to lose, has ceased to care, or is never going to come back. Have fun.

  6. Vladimir

    DOA: Prime Minister of China may be actually interested in Mr President’s affairs. For example, if Mr President is having a sex scandal, Chinese could start conquering and enslaving the Democratic World, unnoticed until it’s too late.

  7. They’re gonna miss you at that job. Once you’re gone, who will keep all the fucktards in line? All hell will break loose.

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