Ways you can tell I’m leaving my job #4

I tend to forget some of the social niceties because I’m not going to have to face these people for much longer.  You know how you usually suppress your annoyance when you’re at work?  Well, there was this one little incident the other day…



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7 responses to “Ways you can tell I’m leaving my job #4

  1. Medivh

    Flying shit machines… You need a shotgun, mate. Either that, or some ratsak in some nice deep fried chips.

    Or the non-violent solution: I find loud music in headphones keeps me from killing fellow commuters on the train, largely through me not being able to hear them anymore.

    Now I’ve just got to figure out how to ignore them bumping me all the bloody time…

  2. Paul Brown

    I can understand your pain; I lived in a house at university that had a colony of pigeons living on the central heating flue (it was coal fired heating routed through the chimney) and all day the little fuckers would sit on the chimney and coo, making EVERY FUCKING RADIATOR IN THE HOUSE COO ALONG WITH THEM. All day every day those little bastards drove me crazy until the morning that I just couldn’t take it any more, went outside in my underwear and started throwing rocks at the little gits whilst shouting, “Shut up! Shut up! Shut up, you fuckers, or I’m coming up there to kill the fucking lot of you!”

    Apparantley this sight was a little disconcerting for my neighbours…

  3. Medivh: I’ve often consider the shotgun solution on public transport, too.

    Paul: Neighbours can be funny that way. Imagine what mine feel like with me recording these videos in the garage.

  4. Funny coincidence, I’m leaving my contract very soon too. Unfortunately, I’m starting up a new gig almost immediately…

    Ah, the bliss of “wrapping things up.” (I’ve just realized that “wrapping” rhymes with “napping”. Delightful.)

  5. It is indeed no coincidence that wrapping rhymes with napping.

  6. That’s some nice pigeon-noises you’ve got going on there, Mr. A- you could probably make some money doing it for a kids show or something.

  7. A

    LOL , I wish it was a pigeon with me, i feel the same way about some of the people I work with.

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