I swear I didn’t do this

I rarely do posts that are simply links to stories but I thought it was important in this case.  Given the number of times I’ve threatened murderous retribution on spammers, I thought it was important to point out that I didn’t do this.

I’ve heard that decent humans don’t celebrate the death of another human no matter how much they despised them.  So I won’t celebrate this.  But I won’t shed tears, either.  And as the story mentions he isn’t the first Russian spammer to be murdered – those interested in cathartic reading can check out some details here.

As for me, I’m busy getting witness statements swearing that I haven’t left the country recently.



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9 responses to “I swear I didn’t do this

  1. Rose

    There are so many suspects! It’s the Who Shot J.R. from hell. He must have been on at least half a billion shit lists.

    Also, holy shit. How is one man responsible for that much spam?

  2. What you should have said:

    I have never killed a man, but I read Alexey Tolstokozhev’s obituary with great pleasure…

  3. DOA

    To paraphrase Chris Rock…
    “I’m not saying they should have killed him… but I understand.”

  4. Surely this is the risk one takes when embarking on a life of spam. Each time he was about to hit send, he must have thought to himself, “Well … it is wrong, but I could really use the rubles for that new pair of jeans. So what the hell?”

  5. <>
    “But if they do not hear, they shall perish by the sword And they will die without knowledge.

    Seems Fitting Huh?????

  6. Alright, It looks like you are off the hook, It appears that the story was a hoax:


    Though I really had no problems with it being true…

  7. I wouldn’t have minded, but his expensive products didn’t help in the slightest.

  8. Vladimir

    Can you really enlarge your penis with pills?

  9. Rose: There are some crimes in which everyone’s a suspect

    Phyre: nicely done

    DOA: Some murders just make sense

    Buck: I don’t think spammers spend even a second considering their actions

    marr: and gangster will get shot in the head

    Phyre: Disappointing but at least I’m in the clear.

    Goatsoup: Maybe you weren’t taking enough of them

    Vlad: Yes, I’ll sell you some

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