Hating Haters

Did I mention I was in a mood?  One of my subscribers on YouTube egged me on by asking me to make a video speaking out against haters.  I don’t need much prodding to attack this target.  I’ve gotten so used to haters that I don’t think about them much any more.  It’s almost a Zen experience when you realise how truly meaningless they are.

But it’s still fun to have a go at them.  Plus I like giving people tips on how to deal with them.  Knowledge is power, after all.  The one thing I want to do is encourage people to be angry at the pointlessness of haters.  A common (and stupid) ploy haters use is to say hating them makes you a hater. No it doesn’t, it makes you a human.  This can take extreme forms like when nazis claim that standing up against their racism makes you intolerant.  You’re intolerant of intolerance, geddit?


So, all in the name of empowerment (and catharsis) here I go:



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6 responses to “Hating Haters

  1. I hope you’re meditating, or are on some sort of medication for high blood pressure. I’d suggest anger management classes, but we’d all lose out. Great rant!

  2. I loved every second.

    /runs in fear

  3. I’m guessing that mask does an excellent job of keeping the veins on your forehead in check during these rants… LOL

    Ya know, I’ve never been a big fan of anger as a medium for open discussion, but you seem to wear it well. You actually manage to make good points and remain coherent while doing so… 🙂

    You’re freakin’ Zorro… (And to be clear, I mean the Antonio Banderas, “Hide my anger behind a mask” variety, most certainly not the “Gay Blade”) though you seem to have difficulties with the “hiding my anger” part of it…! 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

  4. You know, Angry, I like anger, and I like your angry writings about anger.

    Now, all anger aside, I am angry that only Aussies can get away with expressing their anger. In America, an angry guy is a “hater,” or “arrogant.”

    And those people make me, well, angry. I mean, they are a bunch of smug dweebs, waving their finger at me, telling me to stop being “angry.” Don’t they know why I am angry? Because they call me “angry,” Angry.

  5. Moonbeam: this is my meditation

    goatsoup: don’t fear the anger, embrace it!

    phyre: correct directed anger has a bad rap

    tunnelrat: that is a cunning ploy invented be evil rat-fuck bastards who deserve to have your anger vented at them

  6. sooooo . . . what are you REALLY feeling?

    great rant

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