Call the Angry Phone – 61 403 069 148

I’m a very lazy man.  And yet I got suckered into 4 hours of yard work today.  As a result I’m suffering physical exhaustion and pain the likes if which is quite alien to me.

So here’s a video I did before I got totally knackered from hacking through six months of weed growth.

And that really a number you can call me on.  I got it mainly for the YouTube gathering.  So I could give out a contact number but, you know, ignore it if I wanted to.  I have no idea if anyone actually wants to call me or not but it’s a pre-paid phone so it doesn’t cost me anything.  If you do happen to call me it’s fairly likely you’ll get voicemail.  Which I may use in a video for my own purposes.  Don’t say you weren’t warned.



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7 responses to “Call the Angry Phone – 61 403 069 148

  1. you do know you gave a slightly different number on the vid than is posted on your blog?

  2. Ha..ha..ha….as if I know how to make an International phone call in the first place. 😛 Yeah…they don’t teach us that crap in public school, you know. *giggle*

    Suddenly… I have a tune by “Blondie” tearing through my head…I…I….I can’t help myself….

    “Call me (call me) on the line
    Call me, call me any, anytime
    Call me (call me) my love
    You can call me any day or night
    Call me”


    Have a great time at the gathering Mr. Angry! ta..ta…

  3. I am soooo going to call you!!! Me? Miss a chance to hear a sexy “Aussie accent” in my ear? Never. 😉

    I dated an Aussie guy here in New York. Even now, I still don’t know if I ever really liked him or if I just kept him around because I liked to hear the accent.

  4. DOA

    I think the number alone is pretty pointless. You should provide some sort of service. I’m thinking something along the lines of insults on demand. Say a colleague pisses me off… I call you, explain the situation and hand him the phone. You know, give him an earful without having to waste energy.

  5. Except that, as a pre-pay, he’d be paying for the privilege of insulting someone.

    Considering all the idiotic masochists in traffic, he could do that for free all day long, I’d imagine.

  6. If it didn’t cost so damned much to call Australia, I would, just to drawl on your voice mail. 🙂

  7. Medivh

    And here I was thinking you’d shown a chink in your armour of anonymity, right up until I read “pre-paid” and the subtext of “throwaway”… Foolish, I know. But hey, a guy can hope, no?

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