Packing for Sydney

Here’s a video I made of me getting ready for my trip to the YouTube party in Sydney:

I’m in Sydney now.  It’s just as well I packed ahead of time because I forgot to set an alarm, slept in and missed my flight.  I only missed it by a minute and was able to get on another one 15 minutes later (I only had to pay a $50 stupid tax.)

At first the hotel said I wouldn’t be able to check in which kind of sucked because I needed a shower.  But they got a room ready for me so now I am refreshed and heading off to the party. 

Don’t forget to call the angry phone on 61 403 069 148.  If I hear it I’ll answer (sorry Funky Brown Chick – I didn’t hear it ring when you called!)  You never know who you might end up talking to!



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6 responses to “Packing for Sydney

  1. E0157H7

    “Am I forgetting something? Ah, I should probably take some pants, shouldn’t I?”
    Isn’t packing for a trip fun? I remember my last trip to LA…
    Clothes, some snack food, MP3 player, light reading, ear plugs, blood pressure medication, middle finger, gas mask, stun baton, .357, bribe money…
    It’s a good thing that it was a drive. I don’t think that I’d be allowed to check some of that.

  2. Is there something about Sydney we don’t know????

  3. Heh! That’s quite an arsenal…. of DC power adapters!

    Have a good time in Sydney, but please don’t forget what you’re getting paid for – ANGER!!!!

    x x x x

  4. I laughed out loud when I saw the knives and guns. You’re too much.

  5. E0157H7: They didn’t even check my bags at the airport!

    marr: it’s a wild and dangerous place, don’t believe the tourist guides that make it look pretty

    goatsoup: Who’s paying me???? Plus a few people there seemed disappointed I was nice in person. I explained that’s why I do the videos and blogs – get all the anger out there so i can be nice in day to day life.

    funkybrownchick: Imagine what I’d pack for New York! And I hope we get to talk soon 😀

  6. This was hilarious. I loved it. Loved the chargers, and the knives!

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