Australian Federal Election – Arrogance and Lies

Consider this my application for a job with the Australian Labor Party. I love doing something this partisan because someone always blows a blood vessel because they can’t tolerate the idea that you’d take a position that contradicts theirs. It’ll be fun to see a few people humiliate themselves with idiotic comments.

For those who don’t know Australian politics, here’s the background to this video. The first one pictured is John Howard, current Australian Prime Minister. The second one is his deputy, Peter Costello. Howard has been PM for more than 10 years and he made a deal with his deputy to retire and hand over power. Then he broke that deal.

In their public spat, Howard was called a liar for not keeping his word and Costello was called arrogant for not waiting. The rest kind of wrote itself.

I did it in the stereotype election campaign ad style – slow zoom on photos with dramatic music. So what do you think – do I have a future as a political lobbyist?

And I LOVE the way the thumbnail came out.



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3 responses to “Australian Federal Election – Arrogance and Lies

  1. The liar not only looks like a liar, he looks like a movie Nazi as well (think Boys From Brazil). And the jowly arrogant one looks a little like Rush Limbaugh, which is disturbing in itself. Australian politics look like creepy fun, a swimming pool of opportunity. You could definitely be a lobbyist.

  2. Mr Angry for president!

    I am, unfortunately, unaware of Australian politics, but I came across this video which made me chuckle:

  3. Buck: I did take some trouble to find suitably negative pictures.

    Paul: everyone is unaware of Australian politics – which is why I rarely bother with the topic here.

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