I am the new god of YouTube

Well, maybe not. But at least the featured one of my videos on the new YouTube Australia page. And my scary visage has been prominently featured on the global YouTube page for a couple of days now.

A little while ago, myself and a few other Australian YouTubers were asked to do a promotional video for the launch of YouTube Australia. This was what the “party” on Tuesday was about – it was considerably more a media launch than a party but I met a few cool people anyway so that’s OK. The individual videos were spliced together into a promotional video which was featured on the various YouTube home pages.

And the thumbnail that everybody sees is a closeup of me. Which should be more than enough to put anyone off Australia. They even used my tag line in the video description. YouTube Oz, people!

The funny thing is I think they fucked up the editing. They did a pretty logo that I think was meant to be the thumbnail but they timed it wrong and ended up with me instead. More proof that I’m god’s chosen one. Another funny thing is the comments. A fascinating collection of stupidity and self-loathing. If you want to lose all faith in humanity follow this link to read them.

The main thing is I had fun. I kept my camera switched off when drunk but here’s some stuff I shot while sober:

I’m almost recovered from the trip and the late nights now. Back to the angry.

Oh, for a blast from the past, this is the video they featured:

It’s rapidly moving up to become my most viewed video. I guess being featured will do that. This isn’t my best video but I like it – and at least I said “fuck” in it.

Some people might wonder why I disabled comments for this video as I usually engage with morons in comments to show them up. Well, it’s because the sort of fuckwits who were making comments were beyond stupid. I’ve always found the reaction of obsessed cubers funny and I always left the negative comments up but seriously, the commenters after being featured were fuckwits. Fuck all of you pathetic worthless negative wankers.



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12 responses to “I am the new god of YouTube

  1. You being at the end makes the whole thing way F$ck&ng COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Well done, Angry. We need YouTube here and they will appreciate it some day. You know how it is. Thanks for sharing.

  3. The YouTube Australia video was outstanding. I loved it, and it made me want to go there. That should be used by the travel bureau. Way cool.

  4. Medivh

    You’re not alone; they’re a nasty fad that needs to die. I’ve seen a guy, friend of a friend incidentally, who was into the whole fad enough that he’d gone out and found a 5×5 version…

    Sad bastards…

  5. Did you ever see the 2nd puzzle that rubiks developed a couple of years after the cube? It was 2 dimensional, and you couldn’t pull the stickers off, or anything. It was really wierd how it worked, as one “completed” pattern left the thing in a 2×4 configuration, but the next config was (2×3) + (1×2). It had catgut linking the whole mess together, and there was no cheat available. Of course, once you figured the fucker out, you just threw it away after busting a gut to do it in the quickest time possible (my family used to buy me some really fucking wierd christmas pressies- now they just throw things at me….from a distance- dunno why…)

  6. OOH! And I just remembered!!! All those nerdy types that had a mini rubiks cube key-ring!!!

    All right- who will own up to having one of those little fuckers with them 24-7??

  7. I recently saw the rubik’s cube video for the first time, I may have mentioned… I don’t know how I missed it before but I’m glad to see it reaching “Angry Hall of Fame” status.

    Gratz on your nationwide recognition of anger. First Australia, next the world.

    (I used to just peel the stickers off tbh)

  8. marr: it was damn cool for me!

    Karen: thanks, I think it’s a huge positive for the Australian online community

    Buck: wait til I start posting videos from the Melbourne gathering on Dec 1st!

  9. Medivh: I’ve never had time for the damn cubes

    Gruntski: I remember a snake thing but that’s it.

    goatsoup: thanks for the support!

  10. I’ve missed you!

    Love the Rubik’s cube video. I could solve maybe three sides in an hour but preferred the Rubic’s Magic to the cube. I could solve that one. Carried it everywhere when I was 12. 🙂

  11. Gruntski – just read your comment after posting mine above. You are describing the Rubik’s Magic.

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