A Halloween Message

OK, I got a question.  How fucking stupid are people?  Because I had to deal with some real idiots today.

To give a bit of background: Halloween isn’t a big thing in Australia.  If you went around trick or treating people would think you’re a freak (which, come to think of it, would be kind of appropriate for Halloween).  But there’s a American food store in a nearby suburb (I think they cater to homesick American expats) that runs a daytime trick or treat event for kids.

The idea is you show up on the Saturday closest to Halloween (which was today) and you go from shop to shop getting lollies.  My kids think it’s awesome.  And this year I decided to dress up with them.  So I’m walking down the street wearing my zombie mask, crazy wig and bloodstained, tattered clothing and I’m getting some damn weird looks.

It looked like people were actually scared of me.  Because I looked a zombie.  In a Halloween event.  A really well-publicised Halloween event.  With dozens of other people wandering around in costumes.  In the middle of the fucking day.  And it isn’t as if I was lunging around deliberately trying to scare people.

Well… there was this one kid.  Little bastard wouldn’t stop staring at me.  So every time his mother wasn’t looking I lunged towards him with my tongue hanging out making gutteral noises.  A little harsh perhaps, but I don’t take shit from three-year-olds.

Anyway, the whole point of me going out in public dressed as a zombie was so I could make the following video without people staring at me.  But they did anyway.


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  1. The teeth looked real, which was disturbing. And I also got scared when the lady in the background kept walking toward the camera like she had no intentin of walking around it.

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