Back in the job market

I’m testing the waters in the job market again.  I won’t be starting another contract until at least December but I’ll probably need to start lining up interviews soon.  I checked the main job website and the market looks healthy.  It seems as though about 60 contract positions for my line of work are being advertised each week.

I say “seems to be” because although that’s the number that pops up when I search, it isn’t strictly accurate.  Some of them are being re-advertised so they aren’t all new.  Some are being advertised by more than one agency so the numbers are a bit deceptive.  And then there’s the morons who advertise permanent roles under the contract listings.

This really bugs me.  When I’ve questioned agencies about this in the past they’ve said they wanted to reach the widest range of candidates possible.  Yeah, including the ones who aren’t even slightly interested.  That makes sense.  I decided to call one of the agencies and share my displeasure with them:


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  1. Javi Torón

    jaja! very good!!! give me their phone number! jaja…

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