Wireless Routers Suck!

Some days I’m not all that angry.  These days I either don’t make a post or video or I end up doing something that isn’t all that angry.  Yesterday was one of those days.  Not all that angry.  Not much motivation to do anything angry on the internet.

And then I tried to set up a wireless router…


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7 responses to “Wireless Routers Suck!

  1. Hey Mr A

    Is this the first wireless router that you’ve set up? I guess so because this is fairly basic stuff.

    They set the password to something trivial so that you have at least a tiny bit of security whilst setting up your router. Surely that’s better than having no security at all. I bet if you go back and read the PDF it will say change the user name and password ASAP.

    Wasn’t it obvious that you were logging into the router and not the internet?

    Fair enough, they could’ve given you more pointers but I think you’re over-reacting on this one.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been following your videos and blog for quite a while now and I greet each new post with glee. I just don’t get why you got angry over this one.

    It’s a bit cheap to not include a paper manual – I’ve not come across that with routers before. Was it a cheap router? You usually get what you pay for mate.


  2. Well setting up the router is the easy part… wait until you try to set up file sharing on Windows Vista. Now that’s an angry video I’m looking forward to seeing!

  3. E0157H7

    Fun, fun. It seems that setting things up had gotten so easy, that they couldn’t just let us all get away with it. The newest thing that drives me insane is that physical manuals are being phased out as a cost-cutting measure. Having trouble accessing the Internet? Just go online and check the manual. I’ve had to go to other computers and download resources to finish installs of, say, operating systems. Seems like they should include everything in that one.

  4. Setting this crap up just sucks, but what’s worse is that with my router I have to reset it fairly often. And it never said that in the manuel (or on the box when I bought it). I found this out when I had to call them finally, and they said, “Oh, it looks like you haven’t reset your router in three weeks.” Three weeks! Why the hell do I have to reset it at all! Why can’t I just set the stupid thing up and forget about it? I hate it.

  5. Sounds like the “Admin/password” was invented by a Public Servant. Totally noooo imagination. You wont do that again, will you?

  6. We attempted for five days to get the wireless router provided by one of the two telecommunication companies to work, yet to this day three months later the wireless only works in the room where the wireless is located. they say the walls are too thick. Ah yeah…

    As for logging in to the router… he he he… that was the easy part dude!

  7. my wireless router at home overheated when i used p2p heavily for 24 hours for the next 25 days ~

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