My addiction

I think it’s time I came clean.  I have a serious problem with addiction.  I’ve tried to give up but I haven’t been able to kick it.

I can’t stop baiting morons on YouTube.  I know I should be a better human about it but they’re soooooo stupid and it’s sooooo easy to rip on them.  I’ve been having a funny experience over the last few days on YouTube since they featured one of my videos on the Australian home page.

It’s actually the video I posted earlier in the week where I expressed my amusement at the proposal to crush cars belonging to hoons.  Now that it’s being exposed to a larger audience all the sad acts who define themselves according to their penis-compensating cars are coming out of the woodwork.

And so I taunt them.  I keep saying to myself “just one more, then I’ll quit”.  And then I’ve done it twenty times without realising it.  Ah well, I’m planning to set up a support group for fellow sufferers,  Maybe I’ll find the cure one day.



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7 responses to “My addiction

  1. O Mr. Angry, you are indeed a bad, bad person. Crystal meth or not. HOW DARE YOU have the temerity to feel that your witticisms posess some intrinsic value beyond those of all of us other idiotic bloggers?


    And don’t you EVER flip us the bird AGAIN.

    And would you mind please sharing some of those moronic YouTube comments with your readers for crissakes??

  2. E0157H7

    I second the vote for a “best of” baiting compendium. Baiting morons is a time-honored and enjoyable pastime. I say continue to tease, outclass, and verbally skewer the the drooling army of YouTube zombie comment cretins. It’ll suffice until they legalize flamethrowers, at any rate.

  3. So is that to imply that if we leave an intelligent insult you are okay with it?

    Just deleting trolls is the best thing for them. Starves them and they go bug someone else – but there goes your fun!

  4. Hmm… I had a perfectly good comment to add – then I scrolled down to Jack’s posting.

    Stupidity seriously must be contagious -because I’ve forgotten my post now.

    Also, please notice it took him a whole minute to post that…… I guess bait really does work but you can’t rush it.

  5. Addiction! I am one of those morons who bit.

    BITE. bite. chomp.

    I read your title and had assumed the worst… dude.

  6. David: I probably should do something with them, they have a lot of comedic value

    E0157H7: I think you’re right, I should create art out of shit

    Karen: I crave intelligent abuse or at least disagreement. I’m just quick to write someone off who throws worthless and meaningless abuse.

    Jack: only for the right money

    goatsoup: he’s a sterling example of what I’m talking about.

    Jessica: it’s a bit of a trashy heading I admit

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