World AIDS Day “I promise” campaign

One of the reasons I haven’t been posting every day lately is I’m on holidays.  The second reason is I’m absurdly busy.  Seriously, I’m far busier on this holiday than I usually am when I’m working.  The biggest thing (for those who haven’t been paying attention) is the YouTube As One gathering this Saturday (December 1st) in Melbourne’s Federation Square.

I’m trying not to freak the hell out in the leadup but it’s hard.

The day of the gathering coincide with the World AIDS Day Concert in Federation Square which is a bonus for us.  There will be a lot going on during the day including free concert performances.  So I figured some payback was due and I’ve been helping the promoters of the World AIDS Day Concert, The Burnet Institute with some YouTube promotion for their event.

The centrepiece of their promotion is the “I promise” campaign.  It’s a fairly simple concept – make a promise to take some practical steps in response to AIDS.  This video has been put together featuring some YouTube celebrities and “real world” celebrities to encourage the YouTube community to make their own video promises:

And I thought I’d kick things off with my own promise:

Oh, and I also promise to get back to writing longer and angrier posts some time after this madness has died down.  Sometime in the next couple of weeks.



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5 responses to “World AIDS Day “I promise” campaign

  1. I promise to only have sex with my wife from now on…

    How about that? Would that help?

    ’cause that’s all your getting from me. (Actually I may choose to support campaigns promoting condom use in poor countries, and I solemnly swear that no child of mine will have sex with anyone… So I’m doing my bit.)

  2. Vladimir

    I promise to only masturbate, then. Anyone to beat that?

  3. Massif: that’s a great promise, not sticking to one relationship is one of the major causes of the spread of AIDS

    Vlad: How many times a day? 😉

  4. Holy shit! Mr Angry without the mask! Is this the first time on YouTube without it?

    Positive messages Mr A, well done.

  5. Vladimir

    > Vlad: How many times a day?

    Does it matter? I only have two hands, so there’s a little chance for a promiscuous masturbation. OK, I also promise to “stick to one relationship” and not to cheat on my right one with my left one.

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