Back on deck


I’m decompressing from the weekend.  Two major events have come to pass.  First, I finally got to meet one of my favourite people on YouTube; Cory Williams AKA MR Safety of SMP Films.  Second was the gathering we organised for YouTube users and viewers to get together in Melbourne is finally over.

The first thing we did when Cory landed was make some videos even though he was jet lagged.  We had fun playing up the stereotype that Americans don’t know anything about Australia.  This one is short and sweet:

This one has a longer set-up but is rapidly becoming the most popular video ever uploaded to my YouTube channel:

Cory’s “endorsement” of me has meant a doubling of my subscriber numbers in a really short time frame which is both weird and incredibly gratifying to someone as vain as me.  Anyway, I’ll round off with my video from the gathering at the weekend.  I’m almost sure I’m going to start writing regularly again tomorrow.

Oh, by the way, don’t watch this video if you’re easily shocked.  I’m not wearing a mask!



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3 responses to “Back on deck

  1. You know something? I’m beginning to wonder if you really are angry 365 days a year. If that was true then you wouldn’t be so fucking funny.

    So you and your video pals found the lunatic fringes of the AIDS Day gathering! Good on ya! Thanks for the wonderful videos, they were amusing and uplifting. Mr. Angry.

  2. I liked all of these, but the Cory video was hilarious. Who would have thought Auzzie was so complicated? And zed? I’ve never heard that before, except in Pulp Fiction when Zed was dead, baby.

  3. I honestly did not realise what a nerd you really are… it all makes so much more sense now! tehehehehe funny how you guised it for so long… no wait, i dont actually come here often enough and also there’s the slowness factor…

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