More job interview shenanigans

Well, it looks like I might be starting a new job on Monday.  I’ve been going through interviews and now there are two contenders who seem to want me so it’s down to who makes the best offer.

I don’t know if I’m getting mellower (wouldn’t that be a terrible thing?) but the questions seem to be getting less stupid.  Astute readers will know that my pet hate is being asked “what are your weaknesses?”  Why do morons who ask that question think I’m going to honestly tell them something bad about myself?

Anyway, in this round of interviews one highlight stands out.  The interview team were following a smart path as far as I’m concerned.  After establishing my basic competence they spent more time focusing on whether they could stand to be around me rather than obsessing over technical details.

This is a small startup so one technical genius who happens to be an obnoxious fuck-up could destroy the company.  Whereas a decent, intelligent human doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to make a positive contribution to the company.  So we’ve progressed to a fairly relaxed, chatty stage of the interview when the CEO of the startup leans over to me and says (I swear I’m not making this up):

“Tell me about a time when you really fucked something up.”

I like these guys.



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7 responses to “More job interview shenanigans

  1. Vladimir

    Yeah, tell us!

  2. “what are you weaknesses?”


    when I’m stressed at work

    my last company didn’t let me bring my laptop into meetings anymore

  3. Sounds like a cool company.

    Don’t leave us with a cliff hanger Mr A, what was your reply?

  4. E0157H7

    As he shakes your hand at the interview…
    “What’s your greatest weakness?”
    “A near-crippling case of jock itch.”

  5. Your instincts are good Mr. Angry. The interview questions that get you to reveal actual past behaviors are much smarter than the “tell us your weaknesses” crap. Good luck to you!

  6. Yep, good luck with the new job. May it bring you lots of money (and plenty of angry things to share with all us freaks).

  7. Ren

    Can I work where you work?

    “What are your weaknesses?”
    “I have a weakness for punching people who ask me what my weaknesses are…”

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