What the hell is wrong with your face?

The title of this post is a reference to the single most stupid recurring comment I get on my YouTube videos.  The Mr Angry mask seems to really confound some people.  Some people really can’t work out what it is (I’m consistently surprised by how many people think it’s makeup or the markings are drawn directly onto my face) and others can’t wrap their head around why I would wear a mask.

Before I started this blog I made the decision to keep it anonymous (as much as possible).  The IT job market in Melbourne (where I work) is small, conservative and gossipy.  I planned from start to write some fairly outrageous stuff and I figured some people might have trouble separating the character of Mr Angry from the “real” me.

That, and I thought people wouldn’t want to talk to me if they thought they might end up as blog fodder.  And who could blame them?

So it was simpler all around to blog anonymously.  That worked well for a few months then I decided to complicate things by broadening the world of Mr Angry to encompass YouTube.  When I was thinking about how to preserve some level of anonymity while making videos I went back for my college days.

I actually did a theatre degree back in the day (a few more years ago than I care to admit) which covered training in a range of performance styles including traditional Medieval mask work AKA Commedia dell’arte.  While I was in one traditional play, a piece that always stayed with me was one done by another group where they used cheap plastic store-bought masks.  Cutting the lower jaw out of these masks shows the actors’ real mouths and has the effect of making something completely inanimate look incredibly alive.

And so Mr Angry was born.  A cheap translucent mask (the visage is based on the actor Clark Gable for the trivia minded) has the jaw cut out and some angry lines drawn on.  And the rest is some rather confusing history.

All of which is a slightly drawn out way of saying things are changing.  When I organised a gathering for YouTube users in Melbourne I knew my cover would be blown.  I had no intention of wearing the mask to a public gathering and so I knew there would end up being a lot of videos of me without a mask (although not as many as I expected – it seemed like there were only about 20 cameras at the gathering and I thought there would be closer to 100).

So, seeing as I was effectively unmasked I thought I’d make a “coming out” video.  This was an explanation to any longer term viewers who didn’t know my back story as well as an introduction to the thousand or so new subscribers that came my way courtesy of Mr Safety.

Who knows, even the old hands at this blog might learn something new.



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9 responses to “What the hell is wrong with your face?

  1. Kind of like Superman and his glasses. He doesn’t look that different yet noone recognises him once he puts them on.

    Mr Angry needs glasses.

  2. Crap, all this time I thought that the visage was based on Salvador Dali.

    Salvador Anonymous Dali.

    Now I see. It’s Clark Anonymous Gable.

    And what the hell is wrong with your face?

  3. Mate, sorry I couldn’t make the As One gathering- but I’m glad to see how you and your personas (?sp) have grown and developed- and congrats for having the balls to loose the mask; just don’t throw Mr Angry out- I need to see some classic Angry Aussie cut loose from time to time….

    And maybe, one day, I’ll send you a couple of fill-in vids again…..

  4. I hope we haven’t seen the last of Mr A.

    If we have, can I have the mask please? I imagine it would work great in banks for withdrawals.

  5. Well, what a shock. haha. Looks like things are looking up for you, mate. Onya for loosing the mask. I am still going through the backlog.

    More politics, and other stuff that needs pointing out with your usual wit and humour.

  6. Mr. Angry unmasked– wow! It’s like watching Zorro all over again. By the way, your site is one of my favorite stops on the short bus.

  7. wow, it really shocked me.

    really ,whta the hell.

  8. hickchick

    Hey SugarNipples,

    You’re really sexy and I want to have a million of your angry babies.

    Call me.


  9. Looking good without the mask!

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