Nerds FTW!

I have had an extremely busy day on YouTube. Namely, I’ve been watching a mountain of response videos and laughing my arse off.  When I issued my nerd-off challenge I kind of thought it would be popular but the YouTubers have gone nuts for it.

I got 17 video responses in the first 24 hours and many more people are promising to respond over the next few days.  The claims for nerd superiority follow a few different paths but for me, the frontrunners fall into one of two categories.  They either have MASSES of nerdish goodies (Magic the Gathering seems to figure prominently) or they have some incredible obscure and rare stuff.

Oh, and tattoos.  Anyone who gets a really nerdy tattoo scores big with me.  If you have the time, I recommend following this link and checking out the responses.  They offer some amazing insights and some of them are downright hilarious.

After I uploaded the original challenge video a few people said they wanted to know what the prize was before they dived in.  I figured this was fair enough – I probably should have decided on a prize before announcing the competition.  So first thing this morning I put my thinking cap on and came up with some possible prizes.  And also to prove this would be no easy competition, I made a video giving some more depth to my nerdiness.

It’s going to take some sort of super-nerd to out-nerd me!



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7 responses to “Nerds FTW!

  1. Blake 7… now that’s a blast from the past. Easily better than Dr.Who -I’m sorry.

    I’ve been scraping my barrel for nerdy items, but I just can’t compete with that cumulation of geekiness. Maybe my 1977 first edition print of Star Wars… won’t make a very good YouTube video though.

    I do think the T-shirt’s a good prize though. 🙂

  2. Holy shit, is that what you really look like? I thought I was accidentally on the GQ webpage. Wake up, that’s why you’re getting an avalanche of responses! Jeeze, you think you know someone…

  3. Yeah, Mr Angry, you are pretty debonaire looking, or however the fuck that’s spelled. I can almost remember Blake 7, but not quite. But I’m sure that I’m nerdier than you because I can quote pretty much all of HAL 9000’s lines. But I think you win in the angry department.

    “Dave, stop Dave. I’m afraid Dave. Will you stop, Dave?

  4. OMG!!! Screw the whole “out nerd Mr. Angry” thing… dude.. YOU are HOT!!!!!!! Seriously… that’s what you’ve been hiding behind that mask all this time?? Aw…man….if only I’d known… I’d have headed to Australia a long time ago and hunted….errrr…stalked…ummm…looked you up. ha..ha.ha… 😀

  5. goatsoup: I’m sure there are many nerds jealous of your star wars poster

    Buck: I’m full of surprises 🙂

    David: sing “Daisy” for me!

    cinnkitty: Well, I wanted you to respect my mind first 😉

  6. Daisy Daisy give me your answer do …

    Your followup video, nerdy stuff collection, and the YouTubers’ video submissions (as many as I could stand to watch, those nerds are frakin SCARY!) have me quaking some.

    HOWEVER, I programmed a Digital PDP 8 in high school. Our programs (in BASIC) were saved on little rolls of punched paper tape. In college I had to write FORTRAN programs for a physics class on punch cards. I dropped out of college but before I left the west coast, I saw the World Premiere of Star Wars at the Graumans Chinese Theater in LA in May 1977. I thought it kinda sucked. Too frickin loud. It was no fucking 2001 A Space Odyssey that’s for sure.

    I can, on demand, dependably recite pi to this many places:

    I keep saying this gag over and over, cause I think that I came up with it and that it’s funny, even though you can picture Jim Carrey doing it:

    “Two words: DUH!!”

    I know where to buy a Flux Capacitor for crissakes!

    Am I a contender?

  7. ok, i dont like the screen transition – burn out effect thingo

    the goatee thing you’re doing looks good also

    i reckon you should’ve done this in danoz direct style – hard sell – list off multiple items within 20 seconds – such that no one actually understands what you’re saying. then have a long list of credits detailing the actual items on prize

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