Childhood memories

Sharp eyed viewers will good memories will have spotted tributes to XKCD cartoons in previous videos I have uploaded.  The Christmas season had me thinking about what’s different now compared to when I was a child.

You know how when you’re a child everything seems so big and when you go back to visit places from your childhood things can seem so small?  There’s a particular XKCD comic that sums up how subjective our sense of size is and the difference in perspective that adulthood brings:

And there’s a park I know that also illustrates the point perfectly.  I shot this video to show what I mean:



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3 responses to “Childhood memories

  1. Thank god you didn’t hurt that poor penguinpigeon at the bottom of the slide.

    Enjoyed these last 2 posts very much, thank you, but I think that you may owe your readers a refund, and for the last post too, since there were no appreciable elements of anger expressed. Or maybe you could change the title of your blog to “Angry 363 Days a Year”. Or “Not As Angry Anymore Thank You Very Much”.

  2. Hahaha I haven’t laughed out loud for days. That slide was freaking huge. I always hated slides- my brother used to push me down backwards.

    I had a lot of stitches as a kid.

    Thanks. x x

  3. This was hilarious, and the child/videographer who was laughing behind the camera got me laughing, too. But that slide was pretty terrifying. Most of them are, which is why I never go down those ultra-scary slides at water parks. Why do they build these things for kids? It’s like Thunderdome for crying out loud: “Two children enter, one child leaves …”

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