The truth about UFOs

Every now and then I like to really blow the lid off a sensitive topic.  UFOs: are they real? Is there a government cover-up?  And perhaps the most important question of all:

What would the Japanese government do if Godzilla attacked?



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4 responses to “The truth about UFOs

  1. Your theory is very interesting but, like, do you by any chance sell a calendar of yourself? Without the mask I mean. And if so, where can we get it?

  2. THAT’s what I’m talkin about!!

    I think that the US nuclear attacks on Japan are partly responsible for the way that nation has crystallized and surpassed all the insane bullshit that embodies Western Artificial Culture. Must admit that I’m surprised they haven’t embraced UFOs and aliens.

  3. I’ve seen enough UFO’s this Christmas, thank you very much. *Hic*

    Have a great new year (Godzilla permitting).

  4. I think that you just like saying “GODZILLA” in Japanese. Isn’t that it Mr. Angry?

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