700 posts and 500 videos – time to get busy

So in my relatively idle time of the last couple of months I’ve managed to hit a few milestones.  I’ve just posted my 500th video to YouTube and I’ve passed 700 posts on this blog.  Then there was organising the first major physical gathering of YouTube users in Australia, getting featured a few times on the Australian YouTube page, meeting one of my favourite online people Cory Williams (AKA Mr Safety AKA SMP Films) and making some videos together.

So  when I say idle, that’s a relative term.  What I really mean is I haven’t worked full time since October.  By which I mean I haven’t worked full time for someone who was paying me.  But I’ve been pretty fucking busy.

This blog has suffered in terms of regular posting.  It turns out full time work gives me a rhythm that is conducive to writing blog posts.  Most of what I wrote was produced in my lunch hours.  I know, normal people get away from their desks at lunchtime.  I never claimed to be normal.  But I start a new contract on Monday so it’s quite likely that regular posts will resume as well.

In the meantime, here’s my 500th video for YouTube.  For those who aren’t familiar with my milestone videos, every 100 videos I make a compilation of the previous 100.  Short grabs from each video that provide a concentrated dose of angry.  And hopefully entertainment too.

But be warned: make yourself comfortable before starting if you plan to watch this video.  Even five or ten second grabs add up over 100 videos.  This is a bit over 16 minutes long so make sure you have the free time!


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  1. Congrats. I’ve passed a milestone as well and I’m back in Canada for a few months.

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