What makes me angry? The people!

One of my earliest inspirations for this blog was a former co-worker who had a hilarious way of expressing her frustration with stupid people by simply going “The people!  The people!”  OK, maybe I’m easily amused.  But she was a New Yorker and that sounds really funny in a New York accent.

I’m actually working on my grand unified theory of why people are fucked.  Seriously.  Expect to see some musings on this in the coming days.  Some kind of serious and some plain silly.  I’m starting off on the silly side with these videos.

The first was inspired by a weekend shopping trip where I had to deal with some truly fucked people.

I actually got a huge response from my YouTube viewers to my question “Why do people suck so much?”  A cavalcade of comments and quite a few video responses seemed to be of the common opinion “They just do!”  Leave it to Little Miss Angry to enlighten me as to why people actually behave this way:

Well, I did say I was starting silly.



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9 responses to “What makes me angry? The people!

  1. Like the box. Loved the box. Laughed out loud at the box.

    With the trolley – why not pull it instead of push it? A trick I learned in the days before supermarkets started “prioritising customer experience” by greasing the wheels of their trolleys.

    But then I am a girlie, and have been wheeling akkard trolleys for years.

    Just a thought.

    Keep on with the rants though. They do make me laugh.


  2. Vladimir

    Couldn’t there be an answer simpler and shorter than a grand unified theory? Like “because they are morons”, maybe?…

  3. DOA

    Vlad: fair enough but that brings us to the question “Why are they morons?”.
    My theory is this:
    The stupids (as I like to call them) are reproducing faster. They are literally outf*cking us.
    Bright people get an education, a nice job, meet someone, get married around 30 and have a kid or two. I the meantime the stupids are marrying their high school sweathearts at 18 and having several kids (condoms are too complicated for them). Then they realize they were too young for marriage and cheat (add a bastard or two). Finally they break up, marry other people and resume spawning.
    Only two things keep them from completely overruning the world. Natural selection, which in modern times favors intelligence, and the fact that every now and then they accidentally give birth to smart people.
    I suppose we should look at the bright side: stupidity can be a resource. Someone has to believe salesmen and tv commercials to keep the economy going.

  4. Vladimir

    DOA: for me, it’s not so clear even “What constitutes a moron?” And there are far too many morons with an education and a nice job. I don’t know if this is going to surprise anyone, but I saw a lot of them with Ph.D.’s and pretending to be scientists!

  5. DOA

    Vlad: Please don’t ruin my perfectly formed eliticist theory with reality. 😉

  6. The stupid, selfish people are too stupid to use birth control properly. They are outproducing us.

    Last week I got off the train in New York and was carrying my sleepy 3 year old so I couldn’t see the ground to my left very well. A stupid couple rushes past me to get one spot ahead of me in line for the escalator. Because I couldn’t see the ground I didn’t realize they were pulling a gym bag on wheels. I tripped over this bag and almost fell off the platform. What did those 2 wankers do? Did they say sorry, try to help me regain my balance so I wouldn’t drop my son 10 feet onto the rails? Nope, they shoved their way through the crowd and jumped into a closing elevator.

  7. The box was great. Going through life with tunnel vision. I wonder if the tunnel vision crowd feels less anger and stress since they are only aware of what’s directly ahead on the horizon.

  8. Why not pull the cart… talk about people…. uh..

  9. dave

    I have recently taken a new sales job dealing with the public and I am nearing my breaking point. People are so rude to me when I simply state facts regartding the products I sell. People become ENRAGED when I state facts. They all want to be schmoozed. Well I dont do that, and at this moment, my blood [pressure is likely through the roof, and I feel that the next time someone insults my character at work i am going to become physical and attack them.

    I am a 2nd degree black belt, a college graduate, and an ex service-man who served my country in the marines for 4 years. I don’t need this garbage. I’m going to punch a customer in the face.

    Dead end job anyway.

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