Story time – Mr Angry and the cops

Given some people thing there is not much distinction between the character of Mr Angry and my real personality, what do you think is the most extreme thing I’ve done to a cop?

Has anyone done anything more extreme than that and gotten away with it?



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2 responses to “Story time – Mr Angry and the cops

  1. recovering ranter

    I haven’t but my father did. one time while driving us across the state going 150mph a cop sped up to even with my father and then glared in his direction. my father seeing this as a challenge to his right to drive 150mph glared back and flipped the cop off. apparently the cop had more important things to do at this very moment so he sped up and rushed to his destination. I don’t know what on earth could have been more important than busting a jerk driving 150mph with two small kids unbuckled and crawling all over the car. my father should have been busted that day.

    I’m curious about something. Have you thought about the physical toll anger is taking on your body? You really don’t want to go down that route.

  2. Thijs

    Something like this happened to me in the Netherlands more than twenty years ago. I was waiting on my bicycle at the intersection for the red light in the middle of nowhere. Nobody was coming from the right, nobody was coming from the left, there was just this white car waiting for the red light behind me. I thought, “sod it”, and went past the red light. A few seconds later I heard tires squealing and the white car went past me. You guessed it, it was a police car.
    He blocked the bicycle path some 50 metres ahead of me so I had to stop.
    The police man was very angry with me so I was very polite ( read “groveling”).
    He let me go without giving me a ticket.
    Till this day I’m wondering if he would have been less angry if I had told him that I didn’t know that it was a police car standing behind me.

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