Nanna Jelly Love

The man you see in the video still above is comedian Ross Noble and this post is designed to mess with his head. Ross is a very funny performer and anyone who has seen him will tell you he has absolutely astounding improvisational skills. He’s in Australia for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival at the moment and he’s also hosting a comedy show in Northcote (hello vettiliveinnorthcote!) each Sunday night for the next few weeks.
The series of shows was organised by a comedian I featured in my series on last year’s Comedy Festival, Dave Bushell. Each night four or five comedians perform with Ross having a bit of a chat with the audience between each act. Usually the host of a show like this will do maybe five minutes each time they are at the microphone. They way Ross Noble tends to go off on wild improvisational tangents means that he can there for up to half an hour. Five times during the evening.
Dave asked me to come along to the shows and video the acts so they would have some footage they could use for promotional purposes. You may end up seeing some of the performances here although maybe not as they’re much funnier than me and I don’t want to be shown up. One thing I don’t do is video Ross Noble’s pieces. There’s all sorts of complicated contract issues with a performer like Ross but there’s also the fact that he doesn’t want these weird little bits he’s improvising showing up out of context on sites like YouTube.
That’s where we get to me messing with his head. He was off one of his surreal ramble in one of the shows when he started talking about “nanna jelly love”. Before I describe the act of nanna jelly love, a few definitions might be in order. First, “nanna” means grandmother. Second, “jelly” is know to Americans (and possibly others) as jello. If you are American, what you jelly is jam GODDAMMIT! get it right!
So, nanna jelly love involves having a life size mould of your nanna’s naked body, filling the mould with jelly then having sex with the jelly version of your nanna. There was a certain logic to it but you had to be there. Anyway, right at the point when Ross is headed into seriously wrong territory with this (it actually got worse than the explanation I just gave you) he pointed straight at me sitting down the front with my camera and said “This had better not end up on YouTube”.
And of course it didn’t end up on YouTube because I wasn’t shooting at the time. But if he’s ever foolish enough to type “nanna jelly love” into a search engine, hopefully the first thing he sees is that video still and he has a horrified moment when he thinks his nanna jelly love routine has escaped into the wild. Just the thought brings an evil little smile to my face.

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  1. yeh – seriously wrong…will try to catch his northcote show. thanks mr angry 😉

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