Australia Day

I had a really lazy Australia Day weekend.  The most active thing I did was lots of barbecuing, like a good little Aussie.  So here’s some cooking tips from me along with some general musings on the day:

And just in case any international readers are wondering what Australia Day marks, here’s an explanation video I made last year:

And one I made that caused redneck bogans to get worked up for some reason.  This also features the first appearance of the Aussie burgers:

Happy Australia Day!



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8 responses to “Australia Day

  1. Happy Australia Day Mr. Angry! I’ve never seen the Aussie burger on sale, it’s kitsch apearance is as staggering as the diversity of this place. My folks came here from Sri Lanka 40+ years ago, and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. 3 cheers for bbq, booze, picnics, and righteous indignation!

  2. gruntski

    Ummmm…. what she said….. Happy Australia Day, Mr Angry and family…. And to you too, Vett….(I know I should have left that on your blog site…..but… you know…)

  3. I love the Australia burgers, and the whole cooking lesson/Australian culture lesson was really cool. But what is a bogan exactly? I get the idea they’re like hillbillies. Do you have hillbillies in Australia, or just bogans?

  4. Happy Aussie Day weekend!!! I should have revived my why Aussies are hot post in your honor. 🙂

  5. Mr. Angry! I am so excited to see your vlog. I had just popped in a for a “hello” and to ask you a question of a technical nature – but the anti-bogan vlog gave me such a high. Love it!

    Firstly – happy Aussie Day! The bogans you speak of are scattered world-wide and certainly their lack of basic compassion for humanity only speaks of their own insecurities and fears. Though I must admit – there are reverse bogans – like the current government of Zimbabwe. And there are “brown” bogans who look down on people they consider lesser due to economic status. As you can see, I am using “bogan” liberally now. Kudos to you!

    On to the technical question – if you don’t mind – do you know of any sound sites where a company could post a job listing for a database and web developer? Thanks!!

    Oh – and I appreciate the “roti” and “kebabs” – a true south asian!


  6. Aceswolf

    Happy Australia Day Mr. Angry! I need to get me some of those Australia burgers:) MMMMMmmm looks good 🙂

  7. went to a stupidmarket tonite and saw aussieburgers – v annoyed to notice they were circular, not aus shaped.

  8. bigstarlet

    That’s as bad as US-shaped burgers!?!?

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