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What makes me angry? The people!

One of my earliest inspirations for this blog was a former co-worker who had a hilarious way of expressing her frustration with stupid people by simply going “The people!  The people!”  OK, maybe I’m easily amused.  But she was a New Yorker and that sounds really funny in a New York accent.

I’m actually working on my grand unified theory of why people are fucked.  Seriously.  Expect to see some musings on this in the coming days.  Some kind of serious and some plain silly.  I’m starting off on the silly side with these videos.

The first was inspired by a weekend shopping trip where I had to deal with some truly fucked people.

I actually got a huge response from my YouTube viewers to my question “Why do people suck so much?”  A cavalcade of comments and quite a few video responses seemed to be of the common opinion “They just do!”  Leave it to Little Miss Angry to enlighten me as to why people actually behave this way:

Well, I did say I was starting silly.



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Nude lesbian bikini beach babe orgy!

I swear it’s true! In the crowd scene just off to the left I’m sure I saw a lesbian orgy going on. OK, I’ll tell the truth: I’m just trying to wind up the porn seekers (search result that lead to this blog continue to weird me out).

This video is really about promoting the music of my YouTube friend Nutyas of NSG Music. He makes my “angry aussie theme” in case you’ve ever wondered. He has a new track called summer holiday and he’s asking people to contribute clips for a music video. Seeing as it’s actually summer here I thought I’d shoot some stuff for him. Plus people keep asking me to shhot at the beach more often.



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Really angry about copyright

So yet another example of how fucked the current situation with copyright is surfaced on YouTube again this week.  As someone who creates original content (even if I’m not making money from it) I get really pissed off when someone steals my content.  From my perspective, stealing includes someone taking my work, reproducing it elsewhere and pretending it’s theirs as well as someone trying to make money from it without giving me money.

Both have happened multiple times.  Probably far more times than I’m aware of.  This is basically because people are fucked.  The other end of the spectrum is when people (usually big companies) start claiming the right to exert insane levels of control in the name of copyright including, believe it or not, the RIAA’s belief that you are breaking the law if you copy your own legally purchased music to your hard drive or MP3 player.

And because some people are stupid enough to believe these companies are right no matter what level of control they try to exert here’s the evidence they’re totally fucked.  Big companies have been caught out multiple times claiming copyright infringement against people who are totally innocent.  They make a (knowingly) false claim of ownership over someone else’s completely original creative work.

This happened to a friend of mine on YouTube this week.  And I got ANGRY!

At least there was a happy ending.  After a huge outcry, YouTube and Viacom admitted they were wrong and apologised.  I still say (a) Viacom should face charges for making a false claim and (b) YouTube should stand up for their fucking partners!

Here’s a little more reading for anyone who’s interested in seeing just how bad this problem is:


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And now for something different

A bit of a change of pace for me now (I haven’t gotten back into the rhythm of writing in my lunch hour yet – maybe next week.)  Completely out of left field, I decided to tell a story from my youth.  As I explain in the video, this was inspired by watching someone else on YouTube telling a story about a burglar.

There was this one time when I was about 17…


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Dr Phil says Britney Spears needs help. And the sky is blue.

I usually avoid writing about anything as obvious as “Britney Spears is fucked up” but a particular headline caught my eye as I was flicking through news sites.  For those who are interested, the process I usually follow when putting together an “Angry News” video for YouTube starts with looking through the major news sites.
I look for something that gets my attention.  It might be an important story but, to be honest, more often than not it’s a stupid story.  Or at best a “quirky” one.  Often what gets me is if there’s some sort of apparent contradiction in expectations in the headline (a tip of the hat to shrewd sub-editors everywhere).  Priests brawling in Jesus’ birthplace.  Dick Cheney cuddling a pussy cat.  That sort of thing.
So last night the one that caught my eye was “Dr Phil says Britney Spears needs psychological intervention“.  Of course, the obvious reaction is “No shit, Sherlock.”  So I ignored it and kept looking but I could not get it out of my head.  Has there ever been a headline that stated the fucking obvious as if it was an insight more than that one?  Was there some sort of competition in the newsroom to come up with the most fucked headline imaginable?
And then there was the fact that the story embodied so many things that piss me off.  The degeneration of media into shallow crap.  The obsession with celebrity.  Fucked up people who have every privilege imaginable yet still self-destruct (try talking to someone who has REAL problems).  Fucked up people like Dr Phil stating the blindingly obvious.  And the pathetic notion that we all need some self-appointed TV expert to solve our problems.  As opposed to, you know, taking some personal responsibility.
And so I decided to channel all of that frustration into a video.  Let me make this clear first: I’m not really ragging on Britney Spears at all.  She’s a fucking basket case.  Spending any time dwelling on that would just be cruel.  And while I’m frequently cruel, I don’t feel like spending time on it today. 
No, the target of my ire he is Dr Phil.  Maybe I’m being too harsh on him.  Maybe it’s the media idiots responsible for focusing on his blindingly obvious statement.  But I don’t really give a shit.  Is this blog called “Reasonable 365 days a year”?  I think not.  Eat shit Dr Phil.


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700 posts and 500 videos – time to get busy

So in my relatively idle time of the last couple of months I’ve managed to hit a few milestones.  I’ve just posted my 500th video to YouTube and I’ve passed 700 posts on this blog.  Then there was organising the first major physical gathering of YouTube users in Australia, getting featured a few times on the Australian YouTube page, meeting one of my favourite online people Cory Williams (AKA Mr Safety AKA SMP Films) and making some videos together.

So  when I say idle, that’s a relative term.  What I really mean is I haven’t worked full time since October.  By which I mean I haven’t worked full time for someone who was paying me.  But I’ve been pretty fucking busy.

This blog has suffered in terms of regular posting.  It turns out full time work gives me a rhythm that is conducive to writing blog posts.  Most of what I wrote was produced in my lunch hours.  I know, normal people get away from their desks at lunchtime.  I never claimed to be normal.  But I start a new contract on Monday so it’s quite likely that regular posts will resume as well.

In the meantime, here’s my 500th video for YouTube.  For those who aren’t familiar with my milestone videos, every 100 videos I make a compilation of the previous 100.  Short grabs from each video that provide a concentrated dose of angry.  And hopefully entertainment too.

But be warned: make yourself comfortable before starting if you plan to watch this video.  Even five or ten second grabs add up over 100 videos.  This is a bit over 16 minutes long so make sure you have the free time!

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